Hmm…wonder what we’ll be writing about today? It’s still a mystery to me. Although, it is Wednesday so that means a short report anyway. It’s never that nothing is happening, more that there’s nothing of import going on.  Well, maybe not even that. Maybe more like the stuff going on is more mundane than anything. Not really the stuff of great posts. We’ll just do a quick overview and see what tangents we follow then.

FullSizeRenderTuesday and today, Sue spent the majority of her time mowing, and mowing, and mowing and mowing. Mowing. She’s pretty confident that it’ll probably be the last time she has to mow this year; unless of course we end up getting late monsoon rains. Generally we don’t get much rain in the winter, but you just never know. I didn’t take any photos of the mowing, but Sue snapped this shot of a morning glory… it is right off the back porch and is the most florescent shade of purple I have ever seen. Things don’t really translate well in photos, but this is pretty close.

105617908-612x612Today Bob went back to the vet to check out his wound. People have been asking, so the update is that, because the skin was basically flayed back, and it is older, thinner skin, doesn’t have the capillaries, etc. it will not heal. So we’re treating it as an open wound. We have to keep him as still as possible, make sure the wound stays clean and dry, and hope that he can hang in there until the healthy skin can grow over it. It’s going to be a long haul for him, the vet says that things are looking good, and Bob’s taking it in stride. I think the hardest thing for him is constantly being still, in the house, on a leash, with a cone, 24/7. Poor sweet boy. I have a photo of his wound, after it was stitched up the second time, but I don’t want to share it because it’s quite horrid looking. When he starts healing well, I’ll share one of those photos with you.

We’ve had some great looking clouds in the late afternoon/evening lately.  I guess I’ll just leave you with these from last night and call it a day.

Tomorrow we’re planting trees. Are we taking bets on how many we’ll get done? We’re getting faster each time!!! We’ll share on Friday. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading.

Today’s Weather: H O T (er). We were in the upper 90’s today. After all the nice cool weather, it’s hard to see it get up there again. Still lots of sunny, warm days ahead!

Egg Report: Tuesday zero goose, zero duck, 24 chicken. Wednesday zero goose, zero duck, 28 chicken. The oldies have been laying like gangbusters the last few days. Sue thinks there may be some chicken politics involved. Not sure about that, but whatever brings their numbers up!