CRPHave you ever heard of the REALTOR® Designation, M.R.P.? It stands for Military Relocation Professional. Well – did you know that Sue and I have the C.R.P. Designation? Chicken Relocation Professional. And boy did we exercise that today! We began and ended the day relocating chickens, for various reasons. Whenever we’re in the midst of doing things like that, people drive by and wave, I always imagine that they’re saying – “What are they doing now?” I think we give our neighbors a great deal to talk about! 

Thursday morning we were able to put in three more chestnut trees! It took us a bit longer than I thought it would, because we had been getting so fast. But little things delayed us. However, the end results are looking so good! Professional even. Many people drove by in the morning and honked and waved at us. No one has asked us what we’re planting yet though. I’m a bit surprised.

This morning, we moved the RCW around in the field. Brought it back closer to the house. The ground has already become so hard and dry that Sue had to pre-drill the holes in the ground for the fence stakes. Drill really isn’t the right word, but we have this heavy duty metal awl-type tool that can be pounded into the ground to create the perfect sized hole for the fence stakes. We’ve had to use it that last two times that we moved the RCW, and will probably continue to do so, unless it rains quite a bit more for the winter. I think the chickens are always happy once they’re moved. They have new areas to scratch and peck. So far they haven’t been on the same place twice.  This time we also shored up the underside with bricks because the windy season is almost upon us and Sue was afraid that it might begin rocking and then fall over. It’s pretty stable now, so hopefully there won’t be any issues.

This evening we moved the RR#2’s into holding crates in preparation for processing day tomorrow. There are 14 birds and they will weigh quite a bit more than the others we did last month. We have most of them sold, so we’ll only keep four for ourselves. That should keep us for a bit. Tomorrow will be a long day, but we’ll get through it. Hopefully without too much grousing at each other. I think we’re both already tired. Looking forward to a good night’s sleep and a great day tomorrow. We’ll do the big report on Monday. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!

Today’s Weather: Hotter and hotter. Sue said that it got to be a little over 100° today. High was only supposed to be 95°. Tomorrow it’s supposed to be 94° so I’m hoping it sticks to the prediction. Currently at  8:25 p.m., it is 79° with 27% humidity, we’re looking at an overnight low of 63°.  The sunrise was at 6:03 this morning and sunset was 6:24 tonight.

Egg Report: Thursday – zero goose, zero duck, 27 chicken.  Friday – zero goose, zero duck,  23 chicken. The layers only laid 14 due to their large upset of the move. That could mean more eggs from them tomorrow. We’ll see.