goat questionSome days are really quite interesting on the farm. [Pardon me, I know we just barely got started but, I’ll be right back. We seem to have some dogs that are absolutely convinced that we have forgotten to feed them.- OK I’m back. Near death crises averted.] As I was saying… some days are particularly interesting. Sue generally has to deal with the immediate “interesting” because I’ve gone to work when things get going. Today was one of those interesting days; maybe you might say it was troublesome. Sometimes when one thing happens, it has an effect the rest of your plans for the day. Case in point…

FullSizeRender (10)

One goat out, one goat in

… this morning, Sue was going over to the other side of the property to take care of the RCW, Vicente and hens, and the goats. This was just after I left for the day.  She looked over and this is what she saw. One goat out and one goat in.  More accurately, she saw one goat out enjoying the weeds and another trying to figure out how to join him. She ended up tying them to each other while she took a good long while to add another section to the fencing to keep them from jumping over. Ding bats. So now, the fence is something like 7 feet high and we’re hoping it keeps those crazy kids in!

The other troublesome thing, is Nudie Booty. She is finally starting to grow her feathers back and we’re starting to think she might look normal one day and we notice that her crop is just continually huge. We looked at her a couple of days ago hoping that she didn’t have sour crop – and she didn’t. Then. Now it looks like we’re dealing with a case of impacted crop that has turned sour. Sue looked it up today and watched some videos on how to loosen the impaction and treat the sour crop. So, today we’ve started treating her with adding water to her crop, massaging it, and holding her upside down, while crop bramassaging it to try to get some of the food out.  It’s already started to soften and maybe we can get it down to normal. The sour crop we’re treating by giving her diluted yogurt to add enzymes that will fight off a yeast infection. We don’t think she has Pendulous Crop yet – which you treat with a crop bra – but you don’t know with this one. This is the Crop Bra, modeled by the Easter Egger on the left. Who knew they made such a thing? Always something new to learn.

thanks for reading septThat’s it for today, Wednesday is short post day due to choir rehearsal. The sun is beginning to set early enough that we might be able to both make rehearsal today. Tomorrow we’ll be treating Nudie Booty again and seeing how she’s progressing, not sure what else we’ll do Thursday and Friday, but I’ll be sure to tell you about it in the evening. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!

Today’s Weather: Quite warm today. Currently, at 5:27 p.m., it is 87° with 22% humidity. Our sunrise this morning was at 6:10 and the sunset will be around 6:10 – wow! Looking at a high tomorrow of 92° and our overnight low is predicted to be 59°.

Egg report: Tuesday – zero goose, zero duck, 25 chicken. Wednesday – zero goose, zero duck, 23 chicken.