weekend_origThis is the end of the week report. I’ve been trying to see if I can scare up some photos, but – no joy. So it’s a photo-less Friday for you. Sorry about that. I looked through the latest photos on my phone, the only one I haven’t shared with you is one I’m saving for next month. I’ll just run through some highlights.

Thursday morning we worked on cleaning the goats’ house and started a bit on the lean-to. We moved 14 wheelbarrow loads of hay that morning. They went to the most recently deserted RCW patch for spreading. The lean-to is going to take a bit of work to get cleaned out. We didn’t realize exactly how deep the straw and hay had piled up in there. We haven’t even made it down to the packed stuff yet. Had to quite before we were done so I could get ready for work. While I made breakfast (grits and eggs – yum!), Sue threw out seed on the RCW patch and then covered the area with straw. We’ll continue to use the goat straw on the field as much as possible.

Friday morning, we took another look at Nudie Booty this morning. She is doing so much better. Her crop has gone way down, it’s no longer hard and tight, and her breath doesn’t smell sour at all. We gave her some buttermilk diluted with water and massaged the crop again. It was also suggested that, once they were getting better, to feed them food that was really softened. So Sue used yogurt and the buttermilk/water solution to soften some high protein chick feed – since she’d been without food for a few days and hadn’t eaten of her own accord a bit prior; she gobbled that up. Sue gave her more this evening which she wolfed down and Sue says she is still looking very well. Yea! Love it when things work out that way. We’ll keep a close eye on her and just make sure she doesn’t back track now.

When I left for work, Sue was mowing. The lawn mower decided to start today, for an unknown reason. Last time Sue had tried, she had let it sit quite a while just in case it got flooded, but it just was not willing to go to work. Today it seemed to start just fine. BUT – the primer button, which she just had fixed, came off by the time she was done mowing. She just had it fixed!!! (I believe I’ve said that here quite recently.) Maybe there is a warranty on their work, we’ll be checking that out.

thanks for reading septWe have an unusual weekend coming up. There is a fundraising concert coming up for one of the local food banks that we’d like to sing in – rehearsals start tomorrow morning, so we may be doing that, then I need to take eggs to Tom the baker in Bisbee. Sunday we may be going down to the Cochise County Fair in Douglas, which is an hour southeast of here. Even though it’s small, we had a good time watching the roping and riding competitions. We’ll just see how the time works out. We’ll try to write another interesting report if we do go. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!

Today’s Weather: Keepin’ it hot down here in the south. Today this high was 96°. Currently, at 7:32 p.m., it is 78° with the overnight low expected to be 58°. Tomorrow we may see a slight cooling trend down to 92°, then clouds are expected on Sunday with some thunder showers – perhaps – making an appearance Monday. We’ll see. The sunrise was at 6:11 and tonight’s sunset was at 6:06. Chickens are getting to bed earlier and earlier.broken-eggs

Egg Report: Thursday – zero goose, zero duck, 12 chicken. (Had a slight accident Thursday evening resulting in an egg loss, so this day’s numbers aren’t really reflective of the norm.) Friday – zero goose, zero duck, 27 chicken.