oops-clipart-1So, it was a rather quiet weekend and on into today. Not a whole lot to report. Sue ended up spraining her foot – not the ankle, but the top of her foot – and it was a fine weekend to prop it up and ice it. I did go to a rehearsal Saturday, so when I got back from that we took eggs to Tom to baker in Old Bisbee. Got back home just in time to do chores. One of our neighbors wanted to purchase eggs, so we made a deal to meet her at the gate around 5. Oops! We totally forgot. Silly people that we are. They were honking, but we were watching The Fellowship of the Ring, which completely drowned out her desperate attempts to contact us. She even called and texted me, but my phone was on “do not disturb” so that didn’t work either. Have no fear, though; we worked it out that we’d leave some eggs in a cooler by the front gate for her to pick up sometime Sunday morning as we are generally gone to church starting at 8:00 a.m. Wrote a thank you note, and gave her an extra 1/2 dozen for all the trouble. I think she’s still happy and, if that’s the worst thing to happen on a weekend, that’s a good weekend.rosaWhat else? Sunday is our sabbath, so nothing happened on the project side of things… and we had a bit of rain, so that’s always good for hunkering down to watch a movie. Monday, today, we continued with more rain. Experiencing the edges of Hurricane Rosa and not complaining a bit about it! We’ve only had about .16″ of rain over the last two days, so it’s not that much moisture, but we’ll always take whatever we can get. We may have more tonight and tomorrow morning, but we are on the outskirts of the predicted path.  On the map to the right, we’re located just above the “Y” in “Heavy”. Yep, as we look south towards the border, we can see that “Y” just hanging out down there. (You know I’m kidding, right?)

Later this evening we’re going to take a look at one of the little white Leghorns on the Oldies’ side. Looks like she might have a pretty good case of bumble-foot going on. We haven’t had to deal with that in anyone for some time now, so I guess we’re due. Our plan is to keep her isolated in a kennel on the broody side because we really found it clears up faster if you can keep them cleaner and out of the dirt. Even though we always bandage them very well before we let them go back, it just seemed to heal much better when we were thanks pumpkintreating the duck, by keeping it out of the yuck. If you’re new to this blog and haven’t followed us through this before (and you’re not squeamish), The Chicken Chick has a pretty in-depth article on bumble-foot here, if you’re interested. We’ll let you know how that goes during the report on Wednesday. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading.

Today’s Weather: Rainy. Nice! Currently, at 5:33 p.m., it is 67° with 96% humidity. Overnight low is only predicted to be 62°. Sunrise was at 6:13, sunset will be 6:05.

Egg Report: Saturday – zero goose, 1 soft duck, 32 chicken. Sunday – zero goose, zero duck, 20 chicken. Monday – zero goose, 1 duck, 21 chicken.