FreedomI don’t know how you felt when you were a teenager and had just received your driver’s license, but when that happened for me, I was scared. I think I may have been an odd kid, but I really didn’t want to get my license. Yes, it was going to be good to be able to drive myself to choir, and youth group, and play rehearsals so my folks wouldn’t have to schlep me around all the time, but I was honestly afraid of driving. Don’t get me wrong, I was a fine driver, my dad taught me well and I had driven many things on the farm – drove a Caterpillar tractor starting at 9 – but not on public roads!  You can hurt people!!!! Driving is a form of freedom, but it is also a major responsibility. I was scared, but I did have the courage to use my newly given freedom. I think maybe that fear made me a better driver; I certainly wasn’t cavalier about it —- until much later. Freedom is scary. 

This week we had some chicks who found out that, maybe the freedom they were seeking wasn’t as easily acceptable as they thought it would be. (Is that a really bizarre segue?) This was the week we really, really, really, needed to get the newest littles out of the brooder and into the open air. We just hadn’t been sure exactly what we were going to do with them. Didn’t want to just pitch them in with the oldies – their ultimate destination – without even having had them outside the brooder, so Sue decided we’d put up a temp fence on the other side of the coop and give them a bit of experience first.

IMG_3489Wednesday, Sue had put up a chicken wire fence where Octave (the male goose), Cheese and Quackers (the drake and ducks), and Chaps (the odd little chicken that is really attached to Octave – so we keep her with him) are now, so she could take down the electric fence that was forming part of their enclosure. Thursday morning we Gerrymandered the fence around the coop and the little enclosure we have up for the two remaining Banty babes and their mamma, put straw on the floor of the brooder side, covered the kennel that Leggs is in while we’re treating her – so they don’t freedompoop on her head – and stood back to watch them jump down and take off.  Well – we waited, and waited, and waited. They were doing a great deal of looking, but nobody was willing to take that first step. Finally, we couldn’t just hang around any more and simply had to hope that they would be brave enough to try it. At some point they did, because they were all out of the brooder and on the floor or the roosts when we closed them in for the night… but no one ventured outside. Today they went outside in short bursts to get food and water, but still spent the majority of their time in the coop – on the floor. At least Leggs has some company. It will probably take some time before they are used to being outside with that big blue thing above them – way high up there. They’ve never seen the sky at this point, so that’s scary in and of itself. They don’t even know enough to be Chicken Littles and BooToYouEVxtra_Thanks-viafraid of the sky falling! They’re just afraid of the sky period. I’m confident that they’ll come around, just like those who have come before. It’s just kind of interesting as you put yourself into their little bird brains and try to think like they do. They are forever curious little creatures; they will find their courage soon enough. I’m sure we’ll inundate you with photos once they do. Until then, as always~
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Today’s Weather: The high today was 77° and mostly clear. Nice fall day. Currently, at 8:05 p.m., it is 59°, clear, with 52% humidity. We’re expecting an overnight low of 46°. Our sunrise was at 6:31 this morning, and sunset clocked in at 5:34. We have another clear day on the horizon for tomorrow with a high of 80°.

Egg Report: Thursday – zero goose, zero duck, 19 chicken.  Friday – zero goose, zero duck, 21 chicken.