set and reach goal conceptOver the weekend and this morning, we did end up accomplishing all the weekend goals we set for ourselves. Sometimes that doesn’t happen because, once we get into whatever task we’ve started, we find that it’s more involved than initially thought. Those tasks that we do regularly, we generally have an idea how long it takes, but sometimes there ends up being a monkey wrench in the works. Luckily we didn’t experience that… well, not much anyway.Saturday morning we had set aside some time to move the RCW. It was time; the chickens had gone through all the grass inside the fencing and they were getting bored. Bored chickens pick on each other. We moved them as far south as they had ever been, really close to the driveway that Dustin and Alexis use to get to the Dinky House. They seem happy now to be in a never before used spot of acreage. The days are slightly warmer and that, coupled with the new spot, has brought up egg production ever so slightly. Maybe.

After we got the RCW moved, we made a quick trip up to Vail. Arizona, not Colorado. We had some friends participating in a juried art show, we wanted to go support them. Also, Time-For-FunSue has an old Navy buddy who has retired to Vail and they were hoping to get together. That was a fun, out of the ordinary little side trip.

Sunday was a regular church day, but with the added extra of going to the movies. Yes, I count this under our accomplishments. Sometimes it’s really difficult to make sure you get time to have fun. There are always tasks, or projects, or cleaning, or mowing, or, or, or. So we really have to schedule our fun time. If you are a Harry Potter fan, or specifcially a Fantastic Beasts fan, then I highly recommend The Crimes of Grindewald. Just sayin’.

Finally, this morning, we got around to cleaning out the goat’s house. They are always so put out when we make them stay in the outer pasture until we’re done. I try to explain that we’re just giving them some clean new bed sheets – but they never really believe me. We moved 8 wheel-barrows of dirty bed sheets out of the house. Sue spread around the new hay for them in the house, then we started digging out the lean to to make room for the chicken pen that we want to put in there for Vicente and his girls. If there’s a monkey wrench present in this, it’s here. There’s a lot of digging out that needs to be done to get down to the original dirt floor giving us room enough for the enclosure that Sue has planned, but we only had time to do 3 more wheel-barrows full. Then, I had to go in to work. Luckily, I’m off this Friday – so we think we should be able to complete the cleaning out of the lean-to by the end of this weekend.  We’ll see how that goes.

This is just a short catch-up post. We’ll think more about how things are going to go and see what Wednesday turns up. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!

Today’s Weather: Cold, then beautifully warm. Amazingly gorgeous fall day! High today was 71° and sunny. Currently, at 7:02, it is 53° with 24% humidity. Our overnight low is predicted to be around 36°. Tomorrow it looks like we might have a bit of high clouds, but no rain coming up any time soon. Sunrise today was 6:51, sunset was at 5:18.

Egg Report: Saturday – zero goose, zero duck, 16 chicken. Sunday – zero goose, zero duck, 16 chicken. Monday – zero goose, zero duck, 15 chicken.