can you believeI cannot believe we are halfway through November. I can’t believe that we’re less than a week from Thanksgiving (US). This year has completely flown by and it feels just unreal to me. So many things have been going on, I guess it just makes the time go by so quickly. Seems like last week was January, and here we are almost to Christmas! There are some other things I can’t believe as well…

IMG_3575I can’t believe the supplies for the coop run were actually delivered when they were supposed to be delivered. How often does that happen? To be honest, they did give themselves a fairly large window, but they came around mid-day. I was at work, but Sue was home to receive it. Now it’s all covered up and nicely protected from whatever weather may be coming around. At least it’s ready to begin. Sue says we still need to order 20 bags of fence post hole concrete (or is it cement?) – that’s a lot of bags; maybe we can have those delivered too, once we’re ready.

come inI can’t believe that I left the RCW door open all night! What a dumb —. I was heading out to work and looked through the sliding glass door and all these chickens were running around. I thought -wow, Sue got over there fast this morning! Only Sue wasn’t over there. I must have only done the first part of putting them away, which for me means closing one side of the RCW and putting the lid over their food; both are a signal that it’s time to go to bed. Then usually I go put in Vicente’s little brood, feed the goats their bed time snack, then finish chasing the stragglers into the RCW on my way back. I just must have been too focused on what was left to do and walked right past the poor hens. Leaving the door open and the fence unhooked is just like sayin’ “Come on in – we’re open. Tonight’s fare – Chicken Dinner!” I remember once, when I was a kid, a weasel got into the hen house and killed winner-winner-chicken-dinner--poker-tshirt-largeall the chickens – every last one. Didn’t eat any of them, just killed them all. Something like that totally could have happened last night, or this morning a coyote could have easily jumped the fence and got them. Not my best night ever. Not the best week ever. Geesh, I can’t believe it.

single eggI can’t believe how few eggs we’re getting. Well, actually I can believe it because it’s just that time of year. They decrease when the days get shorter, but they will also stop laying when the temperatures decrease because so much of their energy goes into keeping themselves warm. You already know that we prefer to let them rest and recoup during the winter, so we don’t provide artificial light just to keep them laying. We’re slowing down now, but in the spring we’ll be going gangbusters!

IMG_3573I can’t believe I forgot to thank the First Congregational Church Sunday School Department for sending us their advertising banner from VBS. It’s so sweet of them to think of us and send it along. They mailed it to us and I found the package in our driveway one day, picked it up and it got lost in the car for months! I found it again when I cleaned out the car after I came back from my folks’. Immediately used it to cover the especially tender lettuces in the garden. These advertising banners work great as covers during the freezing times, they are heavy duty and are meant to last outside. I still have the ones from previous years as well. So far they are still quite sturdy! Thanks guys!

thanks pumpkinWell – for all those things I can’t believe, you must know that they really happened, so I’ll have to re-examine my beliefs this weekend! We have a few things that we want to accomplish over the next few days; if I believe we get them done, I’ll tell you about it on Monday. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!

Today’s Weather: Still in the midst of our [slight] warming trend. In the upper 30’s for our overnight temps. High today was 63°. Currently, at 5:14 p.m., it is 62° with 13% humidity. Our sunrise was at 6:48 and our sunset will be at 5:20. Still going to be in the mid to low 60’s through out the weekend and into the Thanksgiving holiday.

Egg Report: Thursday = zero goose, zero duck, 13 chicken. Friday = zero goose, zero duck, 13 chicken.