chickenvacationIt was a moving day again today. You know, our chickens travel around quite a lot – I’ve just been thinking about that. The layers out in the RCW are moved- as a unite – maybe once a month, less if there is more grass, more if the there’s less grass (now there’s a sentence for you). We’re always shuffling the others around to take care of behavioral issues, and the like. Lately we’ve been talking about how to consolidate. We completed a big step in that process tonight.

inside 2Today, Sue put on the finishing touches of the goat-pen coop for Vicente’s brood. She put up chicken wire where it was needed against the back wall and other areas that were exposed to keep the baddies out, added the roosts and platforms for them to get up to the roosts, a ramp to get to the door, filled in the floor with dirt and added hay… all those touches that make a coop a home. The goats are so curious about what’s going in in the midst of their lean-to; They want to go in and check it out so badly. No such luck inside coopthough. They will just have to be content with looking in through the chicken entrance once everything is finished. The chickens should actually be quite happy in there. So many places to go and check out. They just needed to move in! So that’s what we did tonight. After everyone was in for the night, we started the move. First, Vicente and his two girls went over to the goat coop. Then we took 5 banty young ladies over to add to his little flock, so he had a total of 7 girls with him. We put two very feisty banty roosters in with the RCW layers to see if we can keep those girls in line. They are brothers and have been raised together, so they should be able to get along. Then we took Olaf, Russel Crow Jr., one Lavender hen, and one Black hen over to the oldies and added them into the mix. Russel Crow Jr. sure was unhappy about being moved; he squawked and squawked all the way to his new home. Maybe he was asking, “Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?” That effectively emptied one of the temporary holding pens. I think Sue is thank-you-smallpreview-fthinking of moving the newest littles – which are now teens – in with the Oldies as well. That’s a project for another day though. Until then, as always~
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Today’s Weather: A really nice, warm day today. Sue says the high got to be around 78°. It was in the 40’s when I left for work this morning. Currently at 7:38 p.m., it is 48° with 43% humidity. It may get down into the low 30’s tonight, so we covered the sensitive vegetables and the citrus trees. Tomorrow is supposed to be another warm day – actually warm through most of the week, cooling on Friday  and getting way down there next Monday and Tuesday. Sunrise today was at 6:57, and sunset at 5:16.

Egg Report: The last couple of days have been nice and warm, so the chickens have shown their appreciation with a big jump in numbers for today. Sunday – 13 chicken. Monday – 20 chicken.