chickens investigatingSo just a quick report on what Sue’s been up to the last couple of days. As you know, Vicente and his new flock of girls have been in with the goats a couple of days now. Today was the day they got to be let out in their new home. Sue reworked a door for the chickens because there was just too much that could go wrong with the door that we were going to use at first. There would have had to be another ramp installed, and then the goats would have wanted to jumps on it and play around with it… it was just better to create a new door that the chickens can use for in and out privileges, but the goats would not be able to use – or abuse – at all. In this photo you can see the little door at the bottom, cut into the bigger people door. It works like a dog door – and there is a cover that can be put into the guides on either side that covers the door for evening.

goat noseToday, the chickens didn’t wander far from their little coop – brand new area to explore and there are huge things that wander around the same area. The goats were a little afraid and a lot curious. Even curious of Sue taking photos! I love this shot :). So far they seem to be getting along fairly well. If they get really used to each other, the chickens will find that there is a smorgasbord of bugs: pincher bugs, grubs, fly larva, all sorts of yummy things. I hope they can all live together peacefully and end up enjoying each other’s company. We’ll watch them closely and make sure nothing untoward happens. We’ll five you another update tomorrow. Until, then, as always~
Thanks for reading!