BitsPiecesGraphic-RGBIt’s Wednesday, so we’re doing a quick post again. I tried to come up with some theme to bring everything together as a whole, but I couldn’t find something overarching – so we’re just going to do some bits and pieces. Well, if that’s the theme, i guess it brings everything together in some semblance of a whole. Hmmm.

christmas-lightrand-fixer-led-half-outrands-for-salechristmas-diychristmas-958x169Let’s start by talking about something fun. Sue put up our outdoor Christmas lights today! Yay!!! Starting to get into the spirit a bit! I think Sue has been trying to move things around a bit so we can start putting up stuff inside. I’m hoping to work on that some tomorrow. I know, not farm related, but still something we’re working on. That’s the fun for today. On to less fun information.

Drought2More on the farm related side…. We are a participant this group called the Hereford NRCD (Natural Resource Conservation District) which has been in existence since 1944 and whose main purpose is: To Provide Assistance to Achieve Conservation of Natural Resources by Promoting Policies and Practices that are Economically Feasible and Environmentally Responsible. We joined because it seemed to jive right along with everything we’re trying to do right here on the property. Anyway, periodically they forward to us information that they deem valuable, and Tuesday I received an e-mail about the Drought Status of Arizona. It’s an interesting site that is updated on a regular basis and tracks our snow and rain fall. Most of the state is still experiencing some type of drought – some incredibly severe – and I found it interesting to read a bit about it and thought I’d share the information for others who might be curious. You can take a closer look here, but I thought I’d share this one graphic that shows the degrees of drought all over the state.  We are located at the very bottom in the right hand corner. It’s a perfect little square – Cochise County.

current drought conditionAs you can see, we are only “abnormally dry” which, as far as drought conditions go, isn’t that horrible. We did experience a dryer monsoon season for the second year in a row, so we’re really hoping that trend doesn’t continue.

Sue and Dusting continued to make improvements on the coop for Vicente and his ladies. We’ve been worried about the cold air blowing in there… it can be bad for them, so they continued to shore up different areas for the winter season. Today they enclosed the top, even though it is under the lean to, it still had an open air top that was loosing lots of heat. So they stuck some wood on the top that will just help keep them free of drafts. Hopefully that’ll be good for them for the next couple of months.

christmas thanks for readingWell, there you have it all the news that is the news for today. Friday we might have photos to share of our little live tree… maybe I’ll have some time to plant the climbing roses. Lately, I don’t like to talk too much about plans as I never seem to get there. I still have a pile of mending and about 8 Christmas presents to finish. One day. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!

Today’s Weather – much warmer! High was around 70° and it was clear and sunny. Right now, at 5:13 p.m., it is 61° with 35% humidity. Overnight low is gonna be cold 28°. Today the sunrise was at 7:09 and sunset will be at 5:17.

Egg Report: Since we just posted yesterday, I only have today to report: 14 chicken.