new-and-excitingOk, so maybe not really that exciting, but definitely new.  Well, not brand new, but definitely new to us. Even though we’re sorta still caught in those doldrums we talked about last week, Sue is fighting the good fight to get out of them (I’m just floundering). In her attempt to paddle out of the calm sea area, Sue has purchased a new to us piece of equipment. It’s something she’s been wanting for a while now and we thought we had a good lead, then it rather fizzled, but recently was brought to life again. Can any one guess???

IMG_3611That’s right, you got it in one – right after you saw the photo! A walk behind string trimmer. It’s been refurbished, but works like a champ, and so much less expensive than purchasing a new one. This one is about a year old and just got everything changed out and cleaned up. Our neighbor told us about a place up in Huachuca City that often sold refurbished trimmers, but when we went there to see about it, they were all out. The owner said, “We know and older guy, used to work here, who still enjoys fixing them up. He might have one or two he’s willing to sell.” He gave us his name and number and when Sue called, he kept hanging up on her. We think he couldn’t hear her on the other end. Then, he just turned off his phone – for, like, weeks! On a whim, and really wanting to get a new mower, Sue decided to give him a call. He answered! He could hear her! But he was really sick and said – “Call me next week.” Rather a gruff guy, but we had been warned. She called on Monday, he answered again, she set up a date and time and low and behold – we have a new to us piece of equipment. Amazing how that works. So, she spent an hour and a half trimming the front part of the yard. Looks great! The trimmer does its job and doesn’t complain! Time to get rid of the 35 year old lawn mower now. 🙂

christmas thanks for readingKnow something else? We found the Christmas lights. They were only slightly missing in action. Sue found the plastic bin in the garage today – we thought it might have been in there – I toted it to the house when after I fed the goats. Outside lights are her deal, and she’s already been working on them. I’m in charge of the inside stuff. Maybe seeing the outside all lit up will put me in the mood for inside. My folks are coming early next week, so I guess I best get my rear in gear with all that. Definitely will keep you posted on all those fun adventures while they are visiting! Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!

Today’s Weather: Over the weekend we were completely cleared up after our storm on Friday. Now we are clouding up again. One thing about the clouds is that it keeps the nights a bit more warm and I don’t worry too much about the garden freezing. We still cover things at night, though; the predictions are never spot on and we’d rather be safe. The high was in the low 70’s today. Currently, at 7:12 pm, it is 52° with 67% humidity. Our low is predicted to be 37°. Sunrise today was at 7:09, and sunset at 5:17. Looking ahead, there is a small chance of rain on Sunday… we’ll see about that.

Egg Report: Saturday –  20 chicken. Sunday – 14 chicken. Monday – 17 chicken. Tuesday – 13 chicken.