IMG_3648Hey y’all! It’s Wednesday and that means a short post day. Just a quick update for now. I guess our biggest news is that my folks have arrived for Christmas. They rolled in around 3 pm this afternoon. We’ve been slowly getting ready for this visit, but we’re never completely prepared. I suppose we’re good enough for puttin’ the feet up and relaxing. Witness the patriarch in his normal position after driving for around 6 hours today. With a rum and coke already polished off  by the time I got home from work. Guess we’re all ready for the holiday.  

So even though we’re getting settled in for the holidays, still continuing to do normal things around the farm. Sue’s been trying to continue to mow with the new string trimmer. Those chickens are still eating way too much food, darn ’em. So Sue has to go to the feed store a bit more often. At least it seems that way. Maybe not truly. One of the newer little banty roosters that is still in the green house that my dad made me, keeps getting out and trying to coax the young Easter Egger hens out. Today Sue reports that he succeeding in getting four of the little girls out with him. Took her a while to get them back in, but eventually they relented. We’re thinking of adding him in there in the mix any way.

IMG_3650We’re not sure what the rest of the week holds, where we are going or what we are doing. I suppose we’ll just have to let you know as we go along. I can tell you this though, it is really hard to blog and visit with your mother at the same time. Just sayin’. The photo above is the Matriarch making up with one of Sue’s cats, Morgrim.

IMG_3645We are still in the process of getting all our Christmas decorations up, etc. We did end up getting the tree in the house and the lights on it. a few other things here and there, but this is the tree we’ll have for the next few years. It’s about 3 feet tall, maybe. We’ll call this phase one. More later I suppose. We’ll keep you posted. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading.

Today’s weather: 68° was our high. Currently at 5:57 p.m. it is 54° with 29% humidity. Today sunrise was at 7:13 and sunset was at 5:20. The Weather Channel app is showing chance of rain for Christmas day. Oh well, we’ll take the rain when it comes.

Egg Report: Tuesday – 13 chicken. Wednesday – 20 chicken.