I really enjoy watching Christmas themed movies, old and new, all throughout December and into January. One of my favorites is Irving Berlin’s “White Christmas”. Consequently, whenever it snows this song constantly play’s through my little pea brain…

snow in miller canyon 12262018Needless to say, it snowed last night. Enough to coat the local Huachuca Mountains for a wintry scene this morning when I was headed to work. It was dark when I left, so I was seeing the mountains in the pre-dawn light. So, when I got to work I texted Sue to ask her to take a photo before everything melted. Alas, the mountains have been shrouded in mist and clouds all day.  At the moment, we can only see the foothills and there isn’t much snow there. Sue said it did snow on her for about 10 minutes during chore time this morning, but not much more than rain and sleet after that. Still pretty warm for snowy day – 49° when I got home from work at about 1:45. Here’s a photo from the mountains up Miller Canyon, which is just north of us on the hwy about 5 minutes and maybe 1000 ft higher in elevation. The photo was taken by Liudmilla Kazakova, and shared on a Face Book group called, “Cochise County and Its Wonders”. If you are a Face Book user and are interested in seeing the beauty of the high desert, I recommend checking it out. It’s easy to be added, just ask.

This being the week between holidays, we’re taking it a bit easy and hanging with my folks. Things of note? Hmmm. Well, we added two of the youngest Banty roosters to the brooder side of the coop, with all the youngest hens. They like being with the girls, but are fixated on returning to their childhood home each night. So they fly over the fence and try to roost in the Green House. If we put them into the coop enough times, they’ll eventually get the idea – we think.  Since Mom’s here, she likes doing little projects; even though it was cold today, she started pruning the shrubbery. Looks nice though. It’s thechristmas thanks for reading time of year to cut things back, so they are ready for spring. This weekend we may move the RCW to a new patch… perhaps just down the pasture one more time, or down and over to the right. The chickens have cleared that area pretty well and are ready for some new ground. I hesitate to talk too much about what we might be doing… the list is long and never ending. Whatever it ends up being, you can rest assured we’ll take you along with us. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!

Today’s Weather: Well, we kind of covered that already, but here are some more particulars. Started off nippy, as you can imagine – 36° when I left for work. Currently, at 4:03 p.m. it is 46°, 56% humidity and a 10% chance of snow. We’ll be clearing tonight, so we’re looking at a low of 26°. Our sunrise was at 7:17 and our sunset will be at 5:23.

Egg Report: Saturday – 17 chicken. Sunday – 20 chicken. Monday – 22 chicken. Tuesday – 18 chicken. Wednesday – 19 chicken.  We hit a high this week on Monday… we had a few warm days in there, as you can tell by the numbers. I am rather surprised by the 19 for today, since we’ve been so cold. But maybe they spent a lot of time in their enclosures today, since it was raining off and on, so they felt warmer. Who knows what makes those little bird brains tick.