She has dropped her blanket of white over the hills and left her fleece behind in the draws where the sun never quite shows his face. Spent pomegranates hang from the trees like so many forgotten Christmas ornaments. The little dinos leave their tracks behind in the snow where only perspective can show how large or small the threat may be. Winter has come.

She blew in early this morning, rocking the parents’ 5th wheel and howling through the invisible cracks around the house windows; announcing the snow with a whistle across the stove vent as deep as the blow of a moonshine jug in a bluegrass band. But it wasn’t until we awoke and the sun began to burn the clouds away that we could see the full extent of her arrival.

Snow doesn’t come to visit often. This is only her second trip in three years. Now the forecast is predicting snow tonight, tomorrow night, then again on Tuesday evening. My parents are wondering why they decided to come at Christmas time. They’ll need to stay until the weather system changes because driving through the deserts with high winds threatening is not a smart idea.

The views are amazing! And it’s not like we were completely bombarded with snow. Didn’t need to wait for the plows to come through before getting on the roads. It was just a gorgeous winter wonderland all the way into the city.

For the weekend, our plans are loose. All is dependent on the weather. If we do have snow- we probably won’t be moving the RCW. If it snowed, but is too dang cold, we won’t be cleaning out the goat shed. If it doesn’t snow heavily, I’ll still be going to Bisbee to deliver eggs. All things are subject to change.

We are not the only people who have taken photo after photo of the snow covered landscape. Facebook is simply littered with everyone’s excited sharing of their latest winter view. More power to them – I’m sure we’ll be adding more as well. If it continues to be interesting- you know we’ll share with you. Over the weekend I may share on our Facebook page. Until then, as always~

Thanks for reading!

Today’s Weather: it was 33 when I left for work today. Currently, at 6:47 p.m. it is 35. We’re supposed to get down to 19 for the overnight low.

Egg Report: Thursday – 20 chicken. Friday – 21 chicken. Don’t know why those numbers are up since the temperatures are down.