tumbleweedsSometimes we have issues with tumbleweeds. Not necessarily as bad as this house in the high desert of California, but they are a nuisance none the less. From a distance, they remind me of Tribbles and they seem to multiply with the same ferocity. We get them tangled in the electric fence all the time – they can do

From the episode, “Trouble with Tribbles”

some damage, let me tell you! If your neighbors aren’t pro-active in keeping them under control, it doesn’t matter how well you police your own property, one stiff wind can reseed all your open space. Unfortunately for us, we are bordered on two sides by county maintained land and one side by BLM (Bureau of Land Management) land. Neither take any pains to control the tumble weed migration.

Sue has been taking this into her own hands lately by pulling up the tumble weeds along our property border and letting nature’s winds take them to their final resting place. The land below us – in the path of the prevailing winds – is prairie, not neighbors, so we don’t feel terribly horrible about sending tumbleweeds along their merry way. We are really hoping to get a handle on this, but each windstorm brings new bushes our direction, each spreading their seeds with every tumble. As I may have mentioned before, we have found that the goats enjoy munching them while they are yet green, so we have a built in disposal system! However, right now they are all dried up and yucky, the only way to get rid of them is to help them on their way, burn them, or collect them for the trash. We are actually thinking of getting a 3-yard bin for a while and filling it full of the tumbleweeds, as well as extra large “trash” from the property. We’ll see how that goes. This brings to mind a song… can you guess??  Let me leave it here for you.

thanksI think that about does it for our Wednesday quick post. We’ll check in with you again at the end of the week. Until then, as always~
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Today’s Weather: Overcast… has been that way for the last couple of days. Mom says they’ve been having rain this week, I think we are getting the residuals. High today was around 65°. Currently, at 5:41 p.m., it is 57° with 52% humidity. We’re expecting an overnight low of 37°. We have a 1% chance of rain. Sunrise today was at 7:18 and sunset at 5:39. We’re waiting a while to put the chickens in because they are really enjoying the longer days.

Egg Report: Tuesday – 17 Chicken.  Wednesday – 4 DUCK, 14 Chicken. Yippppeeeee!!!! Ducks are starting to lay again! I’m hoping that our egg production will go up commensurate to the amount of daylight.  Spring is just around the corner.