technical difficultiesEvery once in a while there are days where things just take a turn down the wrong lane. I’m not exactly sure, but I think our Monday may have started way back on Saturday… in the technical difficulties arena anyway. Several things kinda didn’t quite work out, culminating in a total Monday type of day today.

Saturday we finally had the opportunity to move the RCW down further in the pasture, giving the layers much needed grazing area. When we woke up and began the chores Saturday morning there was absolutely zero wind. By the time we started moving the RCW the winds were gusting 16-18 mph. Luckily, we were done before it was reaching gusts of 25 mph. Dang wind. We did ok though – the wind just makes everything seem so much more difficult. (I wonder how many times I’ve typed those words in the last three years.) This was also the move I was going to try – again – to video so I could share the fun with you all. I usually don’t wear my reading glasses out into the farm lands, because I end of losing them places – so when I went to take the video, I guess I had it on the wrong setting. When I went to upload the video to YouTube so I could post it here, I only had two photos. One when I “started the video” and one when I “ended the video”. I’ll only share the first one.

This is Sue, pulling the RCW along to reposition it in the field. Moves around quite nicely, I think. Aside from the ill timed wind and my “operator error” no other difficulties were experienced in the moving of the RCW.

chickenbrainxmasOur next technical difficulty came the following day and involved issues with an escapee chicken. We had one of the crazy chickens from the RCW go all flighty on us and she jumped the fence. Our difficulties were in trying to catch her. Sue tried to get her with the help of one of our young charges for the day – but the chicken was having none of it. She disappeared. I noticed her circling the fence later on in the afternoon, but when I went to try to get her, again with the help of our young charges) – she ran off into the orchard. Later, we ended up chasing her into the house yard area – then Sue tried to capture her with a net while I was putting the remaining RCW chickens up… she ended up tripping and almost breaking her arm! She says it wasn’t that bad, but it sure looked bad from where I was standing. Dang chicken. We ended up catching her when she was trying to bed down for the night… her brain was experiencing technical difficulties.

thank-you-300x200Today – Monday, Sue had major difficulties with some of the equipment. Her newly refurbished string trimmer totally blew up on her today. I don’t think it was refurbished correctly… and when she tried to use the hand held weed wacker – it was no longer working at all. The 35 year old lawn mower had already given up the ghost, so she was left with nothing to use at all. It was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.  I’m hoping this means that the week has nowhere to go but up! Check in with us on Wednesday. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading.

Today’s Weather: Windy off and on, and rather cold with that wind.  When we did chores this afternoon it was 58° but I still bundled up. Currently, at 5:26 p.m., it is 57° with 28% humidity. Looks like our overnight low will be around 35°. Today’s sunrise was at 7:18 and our sunset will be at 5:37.

Egg Report: Saturday – 14 chicken. Sunday – 13 chicken. Monday – 20 chicken.