farm_update_f4182b9c-fc3b-4d96-b2fe-922e15beb67f_2048xWhen I haven’t really thought about an article, or when we don’t have one big event to report one, I tend to fall back on a regular ol’ farm update. The weekend seemed like it was quite busy and full, but as I look back on it – it’s not like we did a huge lot of any one thing. So, here’s just the general update.The most popular question this week has been, “Is Taco-George still alive?” The answer, at the moment, is – yes. He is still with us and is moving around, making himself comfortable close to the water. He enjoys the extra petting and loves he’s been getting and the young Goat Boys seem to be alternately giving him attention and then letting him be. I’m sure he lets them know when he’s had enough company, and they scamper off into the field, then come back and check on him. We were going to try to put the back-hoe back on the tractor this weekend, but one thing or another came up. It was on the docket for this afternoon, but Sue is pretty sure we’re going to have to have some kind of lift to get it up, even with the tractor. She is researching hydraulic lifts now.

Over the weekend our white Leghorn, “Leggs,” has found herself back in isolation. She has another case of bumble foot; this time on the top (how does this happen?). We caught it really early though. We soaked her feet for 20 minutes and Sue was able – with some amount of struggle – to pop out the hard kernel, not unlike popping a zit. We thought about filming it, but then decided it would be entirely too yucky to share. We put some Prid on there to draw out any remaining infection, wrapped up the offending foot, put Leggs in the upper brooder, and we’ll give it all a look-see tomorrow. Hopefully she’ll be able to rejoin the flock in a couple of days.

So, our little new Easter Egger and Whiting True Green (but maybe Blue) hens have begun to lay. We’re getting very small olive green and blueish green eggs. Ducks are laying regularly and everyone’s production numbers are starting to rise.  Good thing too, as we are coming up with more and more customers. Everyone is telling us that we’re selling too cheaply. It just seems like the right amount though. Once I finish getting numbers into Quickbooks for last year, we’ll see if we need to raise our pricing.

It’s that time of year, again. We are inundated with seed and plant catalogs right now. It’s fun looking at what’s available, but I think I have tons of seeds for the garden right now. We want to plant as many greens for the chickens as we can! I know I purchased a great many flower seeds for scattering. We want to do that on the land that the County gave back to us alongside the road. Just see if we can’t get some flowers to self seed every year and make it a bright wonderfully natural flower field. We’ll see. As always, we have lots of plans and not a lot of time!

thank-you-300x200This seems to be rather a cop-out of a post today. Sorry we didn’t take any photos this weekend. We’ll try to have more available on Wednesday and maybe something more concrete to write about. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!

Today’s Weather: Really nice and warm today. It was around 50° when I left for work this morning and 80° as we went out to do the afternoon chores. Not too much wind, just a nice cooling breeze. Currently, at 5:02 p.m., it is 71° with 13% humidity. We are expecting another warm night; overnight low only predicted to be at 36°. Soon I’ll be able to leave the garden completely uncovered! The sunrise today was at 7:13 and the sunset won’t be until 5:50. Days are slowly, slowly, but surely getting longer and longer.

Egg Report: Saturday – 30 chicken, 2 duck.  Sunday – 34 chicken, 2 duck. Monday –  20 chicken, 2 duck. Those ducks, they are quite consistent. Please keep in mind that these higher numbers include the new little eggs that the youngsters are laying.