train in rainWinter trains roar moodily down our hillsides, towing the rain behind them and delivering it wrapped in wild gusts of wind. (I searched for quite a while for just the right image to go along with that carefully constructed sentence; this is the best I could come up with.) They try their utmost to sneak up on you while your attention is otherwise diverted by seriously pecking little friends, but their surprise is always thwarted by the prelude of sound slashing through the fields and trees above. The wind has been throwing the spats of rain against the windows; they serve as the percussion under the howl. Morgrim and Katie, the two cats who allow us to share their home, are unsettled as they hunker on the dining table with tails curled across their feet and gaze out the large porch window, to see the cactus wrens flying backwards towards their nests. Another interesting day in the high desert cold season.

IMG_3979The mountains have been shrouded in mist and rain for a couple of days now. Occasionally it breeches that invisible barrier around our property and allows us those precious drops we covet. As we were putting in our charges for this evening, I saw this little bird nest in one of the apricot trees… clinging tenaciously to the branch throughout the, sometimes, 48 mph winds. I thought about our wild birds and wondered where they find their refuge during the storms.

Even though I know that they often bring us our much needed rain storms, the winds make me cranky.  The change in the weather is difficult on all of us – dogs, cats, people, birds, goats, plants. The trees welcome the rain as much as they curse the wind. I am so thankful that we planted all the chestnut trees in their protective casings. Who knows what may have happened to them without that layer of wind protection. I’m eager to see how they burst out of their winter hibernation and grow up strong and tall. Everything is ready to welcome spring; I just hope they can hold themselves back just a bit longer to make it through the cold temperatures we’re expecting to fall on us beginning Wednesday (22° – almost unimaginable). I do feel the need to prune the fruit trees, but will wait until after the cold spell. Maybe this weekend will see a time fit for that task.

Due to the prevailing winds, we were not able to move the RCW Saturday morning as planned. We’ll attempt to accomplish that later this week – weather permitting. We were able to get the hay stacked in front of the Goat Boys’ house, the wind break it provides is just enough to keep their shelter toasty and dry. The feisty little ones did their best to knock the bales asunder, but they remain steadfast! Stout little bales. For other news – we have placed two ducks together in the brooder; Cheese and one of his Quackers. Cheese is having some odd digestive issues, maybe to do with his crop – we’re not sure. We thought we had helped him through it over the weekend, but today he was exhibiting signs of, not really distress, but perhaps unease. The little hen we put in with him has been limping off and on, so we thought they could keep each other company as they recuperate. A friendly face makes a happy place. Or at least makes the difficulty easier to bear.

Rain-Heart-Shadow-Display-PictureThat’s what I have to share with you today. Rather a moody post, hope you’ll forgive the musings. We’ll see what the next couple of days bring and I’ll share it with you on Wednesday. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading.

Today’s Weather: Well, to add to the information above – our high today was 61°. Currently, at 7:31 p.m., it is 56° with 68% humidity. Sunrise was at 7:09, sunset at 5:57. Tomorrow’s forecast keeps changing. I guess those trains can’t decide what they will be delivering later.

Egg Report: Saturday – 32 chicken, 3 duck.  Sunday – 34 chicken, 3 duck.  Monday – 28 chicken, 3 duck. Chickens didn’t like the wind today, but they still gave us a goodly amount. Ducks just are cracking on.