finallyFinally. We’re at Friday. Monday I promised you so much and I will not be able to deliver. I did take a couple of photos, Sue sent me a photo, but there isn’t a whole lot of new to talk about. I’ll sum up the last couple of days, and talk about the weekend, finish off – at the last -with a cute shot for going into the weekend. Let’s get cracking.

IMG_3977Thursday I stayed home from work. We buried Taco. Sue began digging into the side of a hill at sun-up – using the tractor bucket. We didn’t have the back-hoe on. She worked away on that while I worked on the chores. When I was done with the chores, we started digging a pocket into the side of the hill. Ran into a band of really hard grey-white clay; chopped away at it as best we could and finally had what we thought to be enough room to work with. Moved Taco as delicately as we could. Covered him with the soft earth and then added a bottom barrier of rocks to hopefully deter digging critters. Had to say good bye and walk away.

Last night, we talked about the extra cold weather predicted for next week and how we could keep the chill wind out of the Goat Boys’ shed. Tossed around a few options, settled on a fast and easy wind break with straw bales outside their door. Today Sue purchased them from Jem’s and we’ll place them inside the pen and in front of the door tomorrow. Luckily, the next couple of days are going to be warm. Not supposed to get below 43° tonight – so we’re golden.

We also talked about that silly little Banty hen that keeps disappearing. I found her nest – outside the pen. Tonight she must have been hungry because she came over for scratch. While she was pecking around, I went to check on her eggs. 16 little eggs on a nest!!! That’s a great many eggs to be sitting for such a little hen. She’s been AWOL so much lately, I doubt they are even all viable. We might try to move her tonight or tomorrow (probably tomorrow, the way the evening is shaping up). Just take her and all her eggs and put her in the green house. I’d hate for her to freeze just for eggs that might not even be viable.  We’ll try to candle them and see what we have.

FullSizeRender (11)Tomorrow we’re going to move the RCW – hopefully. If it’s not too windy. Right now it’s relatively calm, but we’re showing a 50% chance of rain. That means that tomorrow’s weather is a toss up. Our bodies say that the weather is changing – but they are never really accurate enough to let us know exactly how it’s changing. We’ll just have to wait and see. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!

Today’s Weather: Well, we woke up to wind. It was fairly chilly, around 50° when I left for work. Wind always makes it seem chilly.  Sue said it rained for about 10 minutes today. Right now, 5:14 p.m.,  it is partly cloudy, 58° with 34% humidity. Already talked about the expected overnight low. Sunrise was at 7:11 and sunset will be 5:54.

Egg Report: Long one today, since I didn’t share on Wednesday.  Tuesday – 33 chicken,  0 duck. Wednesday – 26 chicken, 3 duck. Thursday – 28 chicken, 4 duck. Friday – 29 chicken,  4 duck.

img_3971.jpegCuteness for the weekend: When I do the chores in the morning, I like to lay the greens’ bucket down and let the birds clean out the leavings. Yesterday, one of the ducks just camped herself in there for the longest time.  It isn’t the best photo – I think my camera lens fogged up. But here ya go.