thank you2I really just want to take a moment to say, “Thank you.” Thank you to all of you who follow this blog. It always surprises me when I get a notification that someone has “liked” the blog, or that comments have been posted. People follow via e-mail, Facebook page, and directly on WordPress. My Aunt Carolyn consistently like’s and shares our post -which is so sweet. I’m sure her friends wonder why the heck she does that, but I appreciate her support!

We started this blog to keep the folks at home up to date; we had so many requests for reports on what we would be doing that we knew there was no way we could keep up with everyone… so the answer was to start a blog for those people who were interested. We never thought it would get any real type of following. We were/are not setting out to be the next “Fresh Eggs Daily” franchise, we really just wanted to 1) keep the folks at home happy, 2) reach out to people who are involved in similar enterprises, and 3) have a quick answer to people who ask us, “You do what?”. We’ve printed the blog address and the Facebook page on our cards, and we hand them out to the curious. At the very least, we hope it gives them a chuckle.

We honestly covet your support and prayers; we’re never sure where the days or weeks are going to take us and – if you’re a regular reader – you know that some days are just plain difficult to get through. You comments of support, or shared experiences truly mean the world to us, and I want to honestly thank you from a place of raw and real sincerity. Thank you.

Today’s Weather: We were a bit warmer today. Over the weekend we were experiencing some high winds and, on Sunday, some rain. It was a nippy 34° when I left for work this morning. It warmed up to around 60°. Currently, at 7:07 p.m., it is 43° (feels like 39°) with 30% humidity. Our low is predicted to be 24°, but we usually end up a little warmer than that. Garden is still covered though. Sunrise today was at 7:03 and sunset at 6:03. That’s kinda neat.

Egg Report: So… I think I’ll postpone this until Wednesday. Numbers keep climbing though, overall.