UPDATE IMAGEIt’s Wednesday, and you know that means a quick up-date so we can get to choir rehearsal. Wanted to talk about a few things from the weekend. Sometimes it’s funny how the days run together, and I have a hard time remembering exactly when something specific happened. I have to think about what else was going on to keep the happenings in their proper position. Let’s see how I do.  Chances are, I may have talked about this, but, perhaps not.

Friday I stayed home in the morning so we could move the RCW to a new spot in the pasture. We did chores, like normal, but when we went on the other side to begin movement prep, the goat boys were out of their enclosed area – wandering about like they owned the place. We weren’t completely surprised, more dismayed. They had broken free a couple of times earlier in the week – since Taco George had passed. The very first time was when Sue was parking the tractor after having just completed the sepulchre for Taco.  The goats were startled by the arrival of the tractor and just took running leaps right over the west fencing towards the south of their enclosure. I tried to put some temporary discouragements along where I thought they got out – but the huge winds came along and blew over my discouragements. A couple of days later Thumper was out. His brother, Scooby,  stayed in, so Thump didn’t stray very far. Then, Sue came back from town one day and they were both out again. So… after finding them both out again we decided we needed to really do something. It had become imperative.

Walking down the fence line, we saw that they had completely stomped down one section of the old, wire fencing – they were basically simply stepping over it whenever they wanted to. Luckily – we had a discarded (by the previous owners) section of chain link fencing that was the perfect length. We were able to attach it to existing, sturdy, fence posts and thwart their escape efforts. Sue had also purchased a couple rolls of additional welded wire fencing that we’ll put up soon. Our fear is that they will jump out onto the BLM land and just take off….. So far, they haven’t been interested in getting out again. They are being good boys and staying in their very generous enclosure with the chickens. We think they are missing Taco George. We didn’t know what a good calming influence he was! The weather has also helped to keep them close to home as they are not fond of the wind nor the rain. The last few really nice days I was wondering if they would be trying to escape, but no. We’ll still put up the taller fencing very soon.

Needless to say, we didn’t get the chickens moved that Friday morning. We decided to do it on Saturday. Saturday morning comes along and we begin to do the chores — all of the sudden, here comes the wind!  By the time we were ready to move, it was really gusting fast. We ended up just re-arranging the electrical fence to give them access to a different area of the pasture. That’ll work for a while, and we can probably do it one or two more times before we have to try to move the RCW again. This is a very windy time of the year, so we might have to make due with that type of compromise for a few weeks longer. The chickens seem happy and they have found some pretty soft dirt which they are making great use of in the dusting department. Happy chickens = lots of eggs! Yep. We’re going with that.

Tomorrow I am heading to visit the family in California. Mom and Dad sent me some funds to help fly out to celebrate my Mom’s and my birthday. So – by this time tomorrow I’ll have flown in to San Diego, eaten a wonderful meal at Point Loma Seafoods (which seems to be becoming a tradition when I go home), and have traveled up to the mountains and into the stormy weather. Friday, I’ll be posting from the warm and lusciously smelling confines of the local Starbucks or from fireside at the Ramona Library. If you’re in Ramona, there’s a chance I’ll be seeing you soon. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading.

Oh, and….valentinesday_1075x375_happy-valentines-day-1_b tomorrow 🙂

Today’s Weather:  Started out a bit warmer this morning. It was 44° when I left for work. It was and even 70° when i arrived home, but the wind is picking up again; coming down from the snowy mountains, so it makes it feel a bit colder than it actually is. Currently, at 5:02 p.m., it is 66° with 14% humidity. Looks like it’s going to be a bit cloudy the next few days, but I don’t see any rain on the horizon. Sunrise was at 7:01 (I think we went back a few minutes from Monday) and sun set will be at 6:04. Chickens are staying out longer and longer.  I’ll soon be staying home to put the chickens in instead of going to choir rehearsal on time!

Egg Report: Saturday – 39 chicken, 6 duck.  Sunday – 31 chicken, 4 duck.  Monday –  35 chicken, 2 duck.  Tuesday – 39 chicken, 4 duck. Wednesday – 33 chicken, 3 duck. We’re still fluctuating a bit, definitely has something to do with the weather; our lowest day, Sunday, was when we had a great deal of wind and rain.  Ducks are doing quite well and we have a friend who is reaching out to some of her Vietnamese friends to see if they are interested in duck eggs. Surprised our choir accompanist this Sunday when she learned the deviled eggs she was eating were duck eggs. She said – “Oh! There’s really no difference!” Nope, just bigger and packed full of the stuff that’s good for ya!