we're bacjSo, maybe you noticed that we didn’t have a post Monday. Totally my bad! Nothing was wrong, nothing happened untoward, I was just out of town (again). Work took me up to the Phoenix area for a couple of days and – when I found myself with a free evening on Monday, instead of staying in the hotel and blogging, I took myself to Surprise, Arizona and met up with our old friend, Capt. Rev. Dr. Floyd Ellison :).  Somewhere there’s a photo to prove it… maybe on my Facebook page. In any case, I’m back – which means we’re back and here we are with a Wednesday quick post.

Since the snow has all melted off, there hasn’t been much of extra-ordinary note lately. Everyone seems to have weathered the cold quite well. No one is at all worse for wear. Looking at the long range weather predictions, we may be through the cold spells. That means we might be able to go back to our regular maintenance schedules. The last couple of days have been absolutely gorgeous. No wind, warm temps. Currently it is 74° with just a very slight breeze. Lovely.  There is still a bit of snow int he mountains above us, but it is sticking much longer than I thought it would with these higher temps.

The chickens are producing greatly. Today alone we had over 40 eggs. Many of them are still the smaller pellet eggs, so I wouldn’t want to sell them full price, but they are getting bigger every day. We did have an exciting event on Sunday. In the egg collection Sunday IMG_4094Morning we found a GOOSE Egg!!!! Yes! Our first one of the year. Maybe she’ll lay a few more than last year.  I gave it to one of the families that has been purchasing our eggs, because their kids have been having fun seeing the different sizes. The routinely purchase Banty eggs, regular sized eggs, and duck eggs from us; I thought a goose egg would be fun… and they loved it!  They talked to another family who has just started purchasing the eggs and were asking why they didn’t have a goose egg too!  So, maybe I’ve found the market! Young adventurous families. The photo at right shows eggs from Sunday morning:  our largest egg (goose) next to our smallest (banty). The size difference is quite significant.  The family asking for a goose egg regularly purchases the Banty eggs, because they are similar to quail eggs, which they grew to enjoy while they were stationed in Korea. The mom says they hard boil a bunch of them and when they pack them for lunches or whatever – they’ll place one in a sandwich bag with a few drops of soy sauce for a yummy snack. Think I’ll have to try that one!

Sorry for the rambling post. Hope you didn’t miss us too much. I’ll be back on Friday with something else fun and new- Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!

Today’s Weather: Wonderful! Yippeee! We may be well on our way to spring. Which means there are seeds and plants to get into the ground. Just need to come up with the time to do it! The high today was 74°, we’re expecting an overnight low of 37°. We’re keeping the humidity low at only 12%… too bad for my hair. Our sunrise was at 6:47 and our sunset will be at 6:15.

Egg Report: Watch these numbers continue to rise; Saturday – 2 Duck, 27 chicken. Sunday – 1 goose, 3 duck, 44 chicken. Monday – 3 duck, 40 chicken. Tuesday – 3 duck, 33 chicken. Monday – 3 duck, 46 chicken.