welcome-to-az.jpgIt’s hard to believe that a mere 7 days ago we were experiencing inches of snow! I know that they say the weather changes quickly, but we’re at a high of 78° right now! Can you possibly believe that? I saw this  on a friend’s Facebook timeline today and had to laugh (thanks, Holly!) – this is truth, people!

IMG_4099I think I mentioned that the weather outlook looks warm for the foreseeable future; The animals and the trees are really taking that to heart! Yesterday we had our highest egg count EVER – 54! Should I mention that this number includes 6 from the banty hen in the Green House… we keep forgetting to check in there. So, the number is just a bit inflated, we probably won’t have that happen again! While I was packing up eggs yesterday, I took the opportunity to do this little comparison. The photo goes – goose, duck, chicken x3, brand new layer, and then banty. Largest to smallest and all those in-between.










Spring is also peeking through other areas around the farm. The trees are beginning to show signs of leafing out and the almond tree broke into bloom, just today! The daffodil bulbs Mom has showered us with the last couple of years are beginning to poke their little heads through the ground, some are already blooming. While I was out taking these tree photos this afternoon, I realized how badly I need to get out and prune! There are a great many things that we have on our “need to get done” list. The roses need to get in the ground, the trees in the nursery need to get into the ground, I need to plant seeds in the garden so we can have greens for the birds, Sue wants to change the hay in the goat shed and in the coops, we need to get the goat fencing up… just not enough hours in the day! Honestly, sometimes it gets me so stressed. Did you ever see the movie “Holiday Inn” with Bing Crosby and Fred Astair? Bing leaves show business to enjoy 159272-Hello-March-Bring-Us-Springidyllic life on the farm and ends up in the Sanitarium before a year has passed! Reminds me of me at the moment 🙂 I truly enjoy working on the farm, with the animals and with the gardens and trees, but sometimes the unending ‘to do’ list is so overwhelming for me – on top of the stuff going on at work, etc. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to figure it out soon and not end up in the sanitarium with Bing – although that could’ve been rather fun, especially if there were a piano handy! Looking forward to the wonders and beauty of spring… might need to do another photo-shoot day as it starts busting out all over.

As Friday comes to a close, as does this posting, I have no idea what’s in store for the weekend. We will have our regular weekend deliveries of eggs, for sure, and we will work on something mentioned thank-you-smallup above. We’ll just figure it out as we go along. We’ll be back on Monday (I promise) and fill you in on all the goodness that happens! Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!

Today’s Weather: Gorgeous, if ever changing. It was 44° when I left for work this morning. 78° when I arrived at home, now we are starting to cool down for the evening as the sun has set beyond the mountains giving us our several hours of mountain twilight. Currently, at 5:55 p.m. it is 73° with 13% humidity. The wind had picked up quite a bit in the afternoon, but now we are mostly still with just a slight breeze. We are expecting an overnight low of 44°. Sunrise today was at 6:45 and sunset will be at 6:17.

Egg report: Thursday – 1 goose, 2 duck, 54 chicken. Friday – zero goose, 2 duck,
33 chicken.