updateHey guys! Thanks for tuning in for a rather boring update. I guess I shouldn’t say “boring”, maybe just prosaic. Nothing really super, duper exciting happened… but we made headway on our list! Saturday started off nice and calm and warm – so we thought we’d head outside and take care of some tasks. Wondering how we did? Read on.


Is it safe?

As I said, Saturday started off rather nice and warm and calm, but by the time chores were done and we’d had a bit of breakfast – the wind was beginning to blow. We had both separately entertained the idea of moving the RCW, but now that was out of the question. So, Sue wanted to change the straw in the RCW and in the Goat Shed because it was getting a bit rank in both places. She had already pre-positioned the straw bales and if the wind was blowing in some rain, the bales would be getting wet and then unusable. We started with the RCW and Sue raked the straw out the door and I spread it around the pasture – with quite a bit of help from the wind. Once a majority of the old was out, Sue started breaking up the new bale… but we couldn’t see that the middle of the bale was already moldy – so I went to get a new bale of soft bedding straw that comes shrink wrapped, so we knew that would be fine, and Sue salvaged as much straw as she could and then we gave the the flakes that weren’t usable to the chickens to scratch in outside. They were so happy to have new straw and have something outside to mess around in. One thing down.



Next we went to the goats and did the exact same thing. Sue had two bales over there, but we only used one – which was not wet nor moldy; the other one was still very wet and heavy. We decided to use it and one of the bales we had stacked in front of the door to keep the snow out of their house in the middle of the field for them to climb and play on. We may move the bales Sue placed by the coop over there for the goats as well – since those bales will most likely be wet and yucky. The goats always get bent out of shape because we move them to the field and close them in there – otherwise we wouldn’t be able to get anything done for all questions they’d be asking. That’s how I look at it. Questions and questions and questions. Once we were done, they were quite happy to have new bedding! The Vicente and the Hens were happy to have straw to scratch through outside as well.  Overall – a good morning’s work. Especially since the wind had really picked up severely.

I was thinking I might be able to prune in the late morning/early afternoon – but it is absolutely no fun pruning in the wind. Instead, I decided to take some photos of our “Mystery Chickens” that had been sent along with orders from Murray McMurray Hatchery last year. They are currently having a photo contest of their “mystery chicks” that have been sent to folks over the years. Whenever you order chicks from them, they send a “free fancy” – usually ends up being a rooster – along with your other chicks. It’s always fun to see what they grow up to be. The link takes you to the page where our photos are shown… first 7 at the top of the page. There is also one on the preceding page at the very bottom. We submitted photos of Olaf, Flattop, and Pretty Boy. I also submitted a few to them via e-mail that were too big to upload myself. If you feel so inclined, beginning March 9th you can log on to their website (create an account – no purchase necessary) and vote for your favorite photos… of course, I hope you vote for ours :)! Just a little something fun. If you don’t want to logon (or can’t) – here is a little slideshow of the favorites from  those that I entered.

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I guess that’s kind of a large slide show… but you can see them well. Anway – that’s all for today. Don’t know what’s happening this week – tomorrow is Sue’s birthday, everyone chime in and wish her many happy returns. We’ll let you know the latest on Wednesday. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!

Today’s Weather: Not quite as windy as the weekend. Nicely warm though, high was 75°. Currently, at 7:36 p.m., we are at 58° with 27% humidity – looking like an overnight low of 39°.

Egg report: Saturday – 38 chicken, 3 duck, 1 goose. Sunday – 37 chicken, 3 duck, 0 goose. Monday – 41 chicken, 3 duck, 1 goose.