hello-visitorGuess what, guess what, guess what??? We had some great visitors last night! Our friends, Ron and Kathy, brought their sweet nieces for a visit. They are visiting from out of state, over spring break – I think? They can correct me if they read it :).  Jill and Heidi are their names. Very sweet, incredibly intelligent young women (thanks for liking our page ladies!). Ron and Kathy brought them over to visit our little farm. We tried to entertain, but there’s not a lot to do.

HagensOur visit consisted of checking out the ducks, geese and chickens in the main and auxiliary coops. We stopped by the RCW and showed off Ron’s handy work. Opening and closing the ramps, doors and covers… talked about it’s adventures in the wind. We went to visit the goats; took along some sweet feed so the ladies could feed them… for some reason the goats just weren’t interested in handfuls, seems they wanted to have the whole enchilada. Then we we just wandered around talking about the property and the BLM land etc. Not much of a red carpet to roll out, but I hope they had some fun. I completely forgot about taking photos while they were out and about, so I made them stop on their way out the drive and took a quick snap. They were headed to experience some nightlife in Bisbee. Hope they made it back in one piece!

I know it’s funny that we get so excited to have visitors, but it allows us a look at what we’re doing through another’s eyes. Sometimes it’s interesting, what you think they might be seeing – or how they react. It’s a farm, it’s not glamorous or cute, but the birds and animals are happy. We get to supply so many people with wholesome food, raised as sustainably and humanely as we can. It’s a good life.

This weekend we have a few things to work on. Goat fencing is becoming more and more urgent as they continually test out the week spots. Today Sue fixed a “window” they had created in some of the older fencing… it was just a matter of time before they tried to make it big enough for their whole bodies.  We will also work at getting up the nesting thank-you-smallbox inside the RCW again, and stabilizing the roosts. Those are the taskes we talked about this evening, so Monday we’ll let you know how we did. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!

Today’s Weather: Quite nice! Still still (isn’t that a hymn?) What I mean to say is that the wind has held off for a while. High today was 64°. Currently, at 6:31 p.m., it is 57° with 32% humidity.  Sunrise today was at 6:28 and sunset was at 6:28! Wow.  Overnight low is predicted to be 41°. No rain nor snow in the forecast.

Egg Report: Thursday – 38 chicken, 3 duck, 1 goose. Friday – 39 chicken, 3 duck, 0 goose.