FullSizeRender (76)Quick words for today. Sue worked her fingers to the bone today in the coop. Cleaning it up and taking down the wood that she had previously worked so hard to put up. She was afraid that by putting up the wood panels inside the coop then stuffing them full of straw for insulation, we inadvertently provided a protected mice mansion. Kind of like rent control apartments for mice… they had the perks, but didn’t have to put up with any of FullSizeRender - 2019-03-20T163526.068the danger. Danger being hunted by the chickens.  I asked if there were lots of mice and she said they were running all over – the chickens were picking them off as they scurried about. A concern about having mice in the walls was that we’d have another snake take up residence – and Sue didn’t want to go through that again. Hoping that eliminating the mice will cut down on that possibility. So the photos here are of the newly naked walls. Of course, this also means we won’t be finding chickens trying to lay eggs inside the walls any more. Always a good thing to keep your walls free of chickens. 🙂

IMG_4168Just another quick note. I’ve mentioned that our weather has been really quite nice for a number of days – due to this lovely warm weather, the greens in the garden decided it was time to bolt! I was sitting out on the porch yesterday, chatting with my mom on the phone, and I just happened to look over at the garden and – dang! – what are those blooms? Today I cut back the greens, took off some of the wind and frost damaged leaved and we stuffed them in the fridge for the birds’ morning treats. They get greens and oats in the morning to help keep their egg yolks nice and golden. This summer we want to fill the circle garden with greens for the chickens, well – and some for us too. Once our Mesquite tree begins to leaf out, we’ll know that the freezing weather is behind us (at least that’s supposed to be the tell in these parts) and I will start to direct sew into the garden. I’ll keep you posted on that.

IMG_4162Finally – if you’ve been following us for very long, you know that we are enamored of the sky here. We enjoy the changing beauty all year long. Yesterday we had the most amazing sky at sunset; the horizon was crowded with virga and the sunset was coloring is a deep salmon – it was incredible, but of course I didn’t have my phone or camera with me!  Grr. I can’t share that one with you, but I can share this rather interesting shot of the reflected sunset and light streaks behind the RCW. I thought it was a neat shot. So, enjoy. We will keep trying to share the beauty that surrounds us with you until you can visit in person. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading.

Today’s Weather: The wind kicked in around 11:00 a.m. today. We knew to expect it because mom had said it was going to be raining there today. If it rains in San Diego, the wind blows here. So… I think y’all have had enough rain for now, can you please turn it off!!! Thank you.  High today was 75°. Currently, at 5:50 p.m., it is 68° with 25% humidity. Sunrise today was at 6:22 and sunset at 6:30. The skies are partly cloudy but none of our weather predictors show any rain.

Egg Report: Tuesday – 47 chicken, 1 duck, 0 goose. Wednesday – 37 chicken, 3 duck, 0 goose.