I’ve been away for over a week now and it seems like forever! My plane will get into Phoenix at almost 8pm and I’ll have an over 3 hour drive home. Right now, I am thinking I’ll make the drive home because I can’t wait to sleep in my own bed tonight! While I’ve been away, my mind was often wandering home- especially during the exercises we would do at some of the class sessions.

During a session on communication, we did an exercise of free word association. We had 30 seconds to write down every word that came to mind when the speaker mentioned a specific word. The word was “run”. Afterwards, we compared our words to our neighbor’s to see how many common thoughts we had. My neighbor and I had only one word in common, “exercise”- but if you look at my list- half of the words came specifically from my thoughts of home. The main idea was that, just because you’re both talking about a specific idea or word, the immediate association Las you have with that word may not be the same. No one had more than 3 in common- the facilitator said that 3 on common was rare. Anyway, no one really shares my heat’s thoughts.

What does this have to do with anything? Not much I guess, other than I miss the chickens, goats, ducks, etc… maybe some of the people. 🙂

A few of the people I’m hanging with actually read the blog and like catching up on the stories with me when we’re together- they also point out funny chicken stuff, like this funny sign at the airport. I sent it in a text to Sue and she sent back, “They didn’t fly rite enough if they ended up a sandwich “. Too funny. Well, hopefully I can have a more appropriate post on Wednesday- I’ll catch you up on all the goings on while I’ve been gone. Until then, as always~ thanks for reading! I

Today’s weather: warmer than Austin, let me tell you. High today around 78, overnight low to be 42. Sunrise today 6:06, sunset around 6:38. Wind predicted for Tuesday.

Egg report: Saturday- 55 Chicken, 3 Duck, 0 goose. Sunday- 40 Chicken, 3 Ducks, 0 goose. Monday- 35 Chicken, 3 Ducks, 1 Goose.