pollenmOK, yes – I skipped a day. It’s always difficult for me to get back on track when I’ve been traveling for a while. We’re on our way to being normal again. I came back home and the landscape was completely changed. Pollen is everywhere! On the wind, on the ground, in the house… everywhere. Rather takes its toll after a while. This cartoon rather sums it up for me.

We had a nicely wet winter, the wettest since we’ve moved here, so the trees and grasses and flowers are rejoicing! They are showing their joy by putting out above average oak tree bloomblooms. Especially the oak trees – which really seem to get to us. The photo on the right is what oak tree blooms look like. Our trees are absolutely covered. We will endure, though, because it means that everything is healthy and thriving. That’s what we like.

Because of the amazing growth spurts over the past week, Sue has been mowing and weed whacking like crazy. She employed Dustin to tackle the depression and it looks really nice right now.  The young oak trees in the middle of the depression are looking exceptionally good this spring. I think the chainsaw pruning that was done last year helped out a great deal. All the trees we planted are slowly leafing out; the Orchard trees look like they survived the freezing winter weather and are just beginning to bud. Overall, we’re quite pleased at how things fared this winter. Cant wait to see the growth that happens. I’m itching to prune and plant… we’ll see how this weekend works out.

The eggs really piled up while I was gone. The daily egg counter that Dad made us was filled to overflowing. Sue had to resort to filling up the stock pot and a bucket in order ot hold all the eggs. I started packing them last night, got 10 dozen eggs into flats, and still didn’t empty the egg counter. Wow! I don’t know that we’ve ever had so many – granted this is about 10 days’ worth. Still an amazing number. I’m glad we have people who love our Thank-You-Sayings-FTeggs and purchase them whenever we inquire if they are in need.  Sent out a few texts yesterday, “Would you happen to need any eggs?” Every one came back in the affirmative. Yay! We’ll share our other weekend successes with you on Monday. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!

Today’s Weather: We were a bit chillier today than we had been otherwise. Our high was in the low 70’s. Right now, at 7:11 p.m., it is 58° with 34% humidity. Our overnight low will be around 41°. We have a 5% chance of rain in the early morning, not very likely. This morning’s sunrise was at 6:04 and sunset was at 6:43.

Egg Report: Tuesday – 46 chicken, 4 duck,  1 goose.  Wednesday – 48 chicken, 3 duck, 0  goose.  Thursday – 32 chicken, 3 duck, 0 goose.  Friday – 37 chicken, 2 duck, 0 goose.