FullSizeRender - 2019-04-19T152734.737…the lily white, declare their Maker’s praise. Sometimes you hear God, via hymns, in the simplest of things. Sue sent me this photo with the title “morning light through the RCW”; immediately “This is My Father’s World” began going round my brain. We’ve been taking an extra close look a our Father’s world this week with my folks. Mom especially. We have been walking over the property and finding little wildflowers that she hasn’t seen before, looking them up in the books, agreeing (or disagreeing on the identification) only to have to look them up again because we’ve forgotten what was decided. Almost the same thing happens with the birds. I do believe we finally agreed that the mama bird taking little tasty treats to the babies in a tightly woven nest build in our porch eaves, is a Cactus Wren. Took some convincing to bring mom over to that way of thinking. We’re always seeing renewal and rebirth around us. Often accompanied by silliness and laughter.

We find ourselves, as the Easter Day approaches, on duckling watch. I think I’ve explained before that we’re not quite sure when she started sitting, nor how many eggs she has, or even if they are fertile; if they are, they should be hatching around Sunday. That would be fun and exciting. We’ll keep you posted.

FullSizeRender - 2019-04-19T152648.660Ducks are odd little animals. Is that why there is the saying ,”…odd duck.” As in, “He’s an odd little duck.” I’m using this photo to prove my case. This is one of the Quackers (Apple Ducks). She is exhibiting a behavior that we’ve seen a great deal this spring; she is soaking a chicken bone.  How did she get the chicken bone, you may ask – well, the chickens and ducks really like meat. So, of an odd day, we’ll give them our baked chicken leftovers. They pick the bones clean and then the ducks have fun soaking them in the pools and gnawing away at them.  Often, we’ll find several of them in the pools when we go to clean. I guess they feel if they soak them long enough, they might get something out of the inside. Hey, whatever keeps them happy.

FullSizeRender - 2019-04-19T152755.003If you are a Facebook dweller, you may have seen the rare videos about chickens swimming in a lake or pool; I’ve recently viewed one that showed a chicken floating on its back in a wooden 1/2 barrel fish pond, or maybe it was used as a watering trough.  I always think to myself, “Yeah, right. Our chickens never get in the water. Well – never say never. Was filling up the pools yesterday afternoon, and found Nudy Booty standing in the large pool, preening herself. She stayed in there long enough for me to run into the house and grab a phone and get back out there to snap a quick couple of pics. Later we found that she was partly hiding from one of the roosters who likes to pick on her. We had to put her back in solitary as she had a wound opened up on her back. Don’t know what we’re going to do with that girl. We’re still thinking of re-structuring (that’s a good word for it) our rooster population.

happy-easter-flowerpattern-festive-send-postcards-online-8825_99Those are our interesting happenings this week. Tomorrow we’ll see if the wind is low enough to move the RCW. Mom and I will take eggs out to Tom the Baker in Bisbee, we’ll cook the last of our wild caught salmon for dinner and enjoy the last few meals together before Mom and Dad hook up the 5th wheel and wind their way back to California. We are wishing you a wonderful Easter, we’ll be back on Monday to share all the weekend goings on. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading.

Today’s Weather: Warm. It was 92° when we returned from celebrating our friend Ron’s birthday. Currently at 5:23 p.m. it is 88° with 37% humidity and winds pickup out of the Southeast at 15 mph gusts. We’re expecting high winds tomorrow and we have a red flag warning for fires. Sunrise today was at 5:45 and sunset will be at 6:50.

Egg Report: Thursday – 41 chicken, 2 duck, zero goose. Friday – 38 chicken, 3 duck, zero goose. We’re thinking that Roma probably won’t lay any more, unless the weather cools down drastically. Not sure exactly how many eggs she’s laid this year but, the average is around 35.