normal12Monday finds us back to normal; as normal as we’ll ever be, I guess. The cow poses an interesting question. What is our normal? I suppose I’d say the part of our life that is normal are the “chore” periods. We normally do chores three times a day: feed, water, gather in the morning, feed, water, gather in the afternoon, put everyone to bed in the evening. That happens every day. without fail. Everything else is a toss up. Weather affects everything we do, obviously. Weather may be predictable, but the forecasters are rarely 100% accurate. So that throws “normal” out the window. We just play everyday by ear – plan as much as we can and make up the rest as we go along.

The weekend went by quickly in many respects. Unfortunately, we were not able to move the RCW on Saturday, the wind has been our constant annoying companion. The folks and I too eggs out to Bisbee for Tom the Baker, on Saturday; gave them the “Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride” tour of the back streets. I think they had fun. Walked up and down the main street a bit. Dropped Dad back home, and then mom and I met a new customer in Sierra Vista and delivered her two flats of eggs for Easter fun.  She seemed to like everything fine, said she may be wanting more, liked the idea of getting duck eggs – we’ll see. Had a really tasty dinner with the folks and just kinda chilled in the afternoon/evening.

Sunday was Easter – Sue was at the church keyboards early, early. Played three services in a row, so she was working! Enjoyed a lazy afternoon, eating a tasty meal and watching movies with the folks. They left this morning, bright and early. Have just confirmed they arrived safely home. 9 hours pulling the 5th wheel; not a bad time.

Thank you easterSue got in some watering early in the day today. Still too windy to do much of that. She worked hard at getting the brooder set up – she’s expecting a shipment of chicks sometime this week. We’re ready for those now.  Still on duckling watch – mama duck has pushed out a couple of eggs that are not viable; we still don’t know how many she’s sitting on – or when we can expect little ones. We promise to keep you posted. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!

 Today’s Weather: Bit of cooling trend. Still windy. Partly cloudy… spit on my during my evening commute. It was 76° when I came home today around 3:30. The weather app says the high was 78°. Currently, at 6:13 p.m., it is 73° with 16% humidity (that doesn’t really seem right, but maybe the wind is sucking teh moisture right out of the air) and SW winds at 14mph. Sunrise today was at 5:42 and sunset will be at 6:52. Looks like tomorrow will be a carbon copy of today.

Egg report: Saturday – 41 chicken, 3 duck,  0 goose.  Sunday – 33 chicken, 3 duck, 1 goose. Monday – 34 chicken, 2 duck, 0 goose.