FullSizeRender - 2019-05-01T175725.469It’s the first of May, so happy May day;  here are some roses for you to celebrate! This is one of the climbing rose bushes that mom gave Sue, which we planted this Spring. They are settling in just grand and are set to bloom and bloom and bloom. Glad they like their spot. We’ll continue to add more to the front fencing area.

This is Wednesday so that means (say it with me) “short post day.” Yep, although the sunset is getting later and later, so the chickens are going in later as well – and that gets me to rehearsal later still, but I’ve been working later and getting home later as well. So, I’ve yet to gain anything. That will be changing soon though; hopefully.

We are getting ready for the little chicks – they should be arriving tomorrow morning sometime. Sue has been getting their little brooding area all set up. We have new feeders and waterers, the chicken warmer is all set up and ready to warm… the area has been cleaned out and new shavings have been added. There are cardboard dividers up to keep the winds off of them, and the heat concentrated. They should be very comfortable in their temporary home. They’ll stay in the brooder for maybe four weeks and then go out in a chicken tractor for a time. Processing Day will be around 8 weeks out. Friday we will effeminately have some photos of the little buggers to share with you. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!

Today’s Weather: Still rather windy. Top speed in the last hour has gone down to 14mph. High today was 82° and our overnight low will be around 46°. Currently, at 6:33 p.m., it is 75°, clear skies, and 21% humidity. Sunrise today was at 5:30, sunset will be at 6:58.

Egg Report: Thursday – 51 chicken (finally – we are not going to be able to meet our 10 dozen for Tom and the rate we’re going), 2 duck eggs. Friday – 32 chicken, 2 ducks (see what I mean about those numbers? We think its because of the huge winds we’ve been having.)