Ok, everyone- I just want to let you know that my laptop is not turning on… why? Who knows? What this means is that I’m going to be blogging from my phone. What that means is that the posts are gonna be Shiite and sweet for a bit, until I can figure out what’s up, or rather, get someone else to figure out what is going on. I guess you can figure out that this has nothing to do with the title, right?!

The success I’m writing about is… we were finally able to move the RCW this weekend! We started in early- maybe around 7 – and we’re done by 8:30; just when the wind began kicking up. The chickens were all saying “Yay!” when they were finally let out in their new home. Not too far down the hill, but far enough to give them all new stomping, er- scratching ground.

That was the biggest event for the weekend. Saturday evening we went to a retirement party for our choir director and also a farewell until Fall party (same party) for and at our friends Ron’s and Kathy’s home. They go back to Minnesota for the warm months, we’ll probably see them again in November.

Today, we woke up to high winds and a fire watch notice. The high speeds have been in the 40’s and 50’s here. Hard to do much I. That type of weather. Sue ended up in town for feed at Tractor Supply and then the market for greens. She’s been working on her organ playlist this afternoon, that means I get free previews and sometimes I can give my opinion! I’ve been at work a lot and basically useless here, but things will calm down soon, maybe.

So- busy day still, but not much farm info to share. We are expecting the first set of Cornish Cross chicks at some point this week. These are the first set of three that we’ll get over the summer for butchering. We’ll be doing that every eight weeks or so- depending on weather. Those will be interesting posts! Get your orders in early. We will be vacuum sealing them and putting them in the freezer, so we can hold them for a while, if need be. Just mentioning it, in case.

You can always come and see all the cuteness once they arrive. You are more than welcome at any time. My very best friends, Ray and Tony, are flying in for the weekend beginning Friday. So, see- even if you’re a city slicker- you can come and have a quick visit to the farm. Until then, as always~ Thanks for Reading!

Today’s weather: Windy. Did I say that already? High today was 81. Overnight low is going to be 46 or so.

Egg report: Saturday- 39 Chicken, 1 duck. Sunday- 45 Chicken, 2 duck. Monday- 31 chicken, 2 duck.