at_it_again_6e58b1e4-082d-4ef2-81d2-3e6d48dd932f_1024x1024.pngI’m back and we’re on to our regularly scheduled programming for the foreseeable future. Right after I got back, Sue began work on another little chicken tractor for the meat chicks. So she’s honing her construction skills, yet again. The meat birds are growing like gang busters and will be ready for the outside by sometime next week, most likely.  Sue’s making IMG_4475another tractor so we can put them out to pasture. This is a pic of the frame all done. She’s making this one quite a bit smaller so it’s easier to haul around the field. These birds don’t do too much wandering around, they mostly sit and mack out on the feed, so they don’t need a ton of space, simply protection and the ability to stretch their legs should they choose. Since our friend, Ron (he is ever so helpful, that Ron guy), fixed the solar charger, we’ll be able to hook the smaller electric fence up to help protect these guys out in the field. They will be the happiest meat birds on the block!

IMG_4474While I was away, Sue took eggs to people who placed an order before I left. She sold five or six dozen, I think. This afternoon, I packed up 15 dozen (includes numbers for the 10% and the checks that we keep for our own use) for people who wanted them tonight, tomorrow, and into the weekend. This photo shows  the pile that remains, after the packing. Still a good 12 dozen there. Some are goose and duck eggs, so they take up a bit more space than regular chicken eggs.

Tonight we moved Nudie-Booty, Little Blackie, and Flattop in with the ducks. The ducks were NOT happy with the intruders. Nudie will be able to take care of herself, but its Little Blackie I’m concerned about… luckily Flat Top was doing a good job of protecting her. I hope they work things out over night. We were going to move Leggs, too, since she is doing so much better after her attack, but when I got her under my arm, I just decided to check out her feet; she’s the one that we’re always treating for Bumble-foot – and, I’ll be dog gone, she had a small spot! So, decided not to move her yet and see if we could get it cleared up. Poor girl, she really has been through the ringer; however, she must be feeling a lot better – she laid a perfectly huge, solid egg today. That’s a very good sign. That’s all the news for now. The rest of the week is rather up in the air – depends on my new work schedule, which I hope to figure out tomorrow. I like things to be settled – we’ll see how it goes. Until then, as always~
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Today’s Weather: It was a truly nice day today. High was 92° but the winds were quite easy and kept things very cool in the shade. Currently, at 7:55 p.m., it is 77° with 21% humidity and clear skies. May be slightly cooler tomorrow, and cloudy. Sunrise today was at 5:22 and sunset was at 7:09.

Egg Report: Monday – 41 chicken, 3 Duck. Tuesday – 31 chicken, 2 duck, 1 goose. Wednesday – 37 chicken, 4 duck.