Friday-meaningIt’s been a long week with a whole lot of  stuff going on… but not so much on the farm. Just lots going on for us in the outside world. We’re just really glad it’s Friday! Thought I’d give you a quick update on a couple of things that we touched on this week and talk a bit about the weekend. As usual, the weekend plans are up in the air – always depends on the weather – but we have hope that we’ll be able to move the RCW to a new spot again; it’s time.

To get back to the update…  I talked about Leggs perhaps having bumble-foot again, so we left her in her hospital cage. We finally got the time to look at her this morning. Sure enough, there is a bit of a spot on her foot that looks very bumble-footy. We put her in the spa soak tub for 20 minutes and Sue took a stab and pulling the plug out, but it looked like her body had encapsulated it really well. We put a bit of antibiotic on it with a good dollop of Prid, wrapped up the foot and we’ll let her sit with it for a bit. Maybe check it out tomorrow or Sunday and see if the infection was drawn out enough to pull the plug. Poor little lady – she’s been through quite a bit the last few weeks. We’ll get her well again and then place her with the others that we moved in with the ducks.

Speaking of the those we moved in with the ducks. The ducks still aren’t too sure that they like their new room mates. I thought, when I put them in last night, they had all settled in and were resigned to sharing living space; however, when Sue went to put them up for the night, the ducks weren’t letting Flattop in… silly little rooster, hopefully he’ll get feeling a little more in charge. We had to use the net to capture him. He screamed bloody murder all the time Sue was carrying him back to the tractor. When we got him back in, the ducks started going after him. Sue stayed around the door keeping the ducks away from the chickens until everyone settled down. That’s kind of a pain, but we’ll do it that way until we see that they’re getting along better. Maybe if the ducks had hung out a sign that said “No Chickens Allowed” we would have thought twice. no chickens allowed

Ok – guess that’s enough of all that for tonight. We’ll check in on Monday and let you know where/what/when/why/how. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading.