Tuesday clothes lineChicken butt! Originally, I simply entitled this post “Tuesday” but – after writing everything and looking at the photos, I thought the “guess what” was a bit more funny. Pardon my playground humor. Anyway… Here we are, beginning the new schedule. I’m hoping this works out ok. On Tuesday, we really just have Monday to talk about, as Sunday is our Sabbath. So let’s see what we’ve got to share with you about yesterday and today.

IMG_2092Yesterday we moved the tractor with the meat chicks in it. They don’t really wander around much, so the inside gets a bit yucky quite quickly. We have room, in the current configuration, to move it twice more then we’ll need to reset the fence and start again.  Looks like we’ll need to mover the tractor once a week, or sooner. They are bit toasty by afternoon but, instead of getting out of the box and finding the shady side, they lay inside with their heads protruding out from under the tractor where we’ve raised it for circulation during the day. I feel for their heat issues, but seeing their little heads poking out from underneath is quite funny. Sue managed to get a photo from inside and outside… the outside is a little difficult to see because they are in the shade, but I’m sharing it with you anyway. The first photo shows them lined up across the back, with their little chicken butts turned towards us. The second shows their heads out the in the air.IMG_2095 (1)

We do spray down the grass, inside and out to keep them cool in the afternoons, they get fresh water and other things, we’re designing more shade, but it’s just really warm right now.  We’ll keep trying until we get it right.

What else did we do? Oh, yes. Did I mention that we did, indeed, get Renata’s chickens. There are 8 nice hens who have taken up residence in the extra chicken tractor. They had to stay in the tractor for a couple of days so that they would know where to roost at night. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a “roost”. Sunday morning they won their freedom and had a really fun time exploring their new run. Monday morning, after moving the little ones, I helped Sue (just by holding stuff) while she put up the roost. They are much happier now that they can spend the night off the ground. They are very sweet hens and they’ve been adjusting well, even laying eggs already. They truly enjoy their morning greens and grains and have already seen that good things get delivered in the buckets. I keep meaning to take photos of them to post, but all those I’ve taken have been horrible. I’ll share some as soon as I can.

Today, well – today we didn’t work on projects – there were other things that we needed to d in town. So it was just a normal chore-type day. Our plans are rather fluid for the remainder of the week. We’ll find out what we have to share with you on Thursday. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading.

Today’s Weather: Really nice weather today. High was 89° this afternoon. Currently, at 6:44 p.m., it is 83° with clear skies and 13% humidity. Winds are low, wsw 11mph. 0% chance of rain. Sunrise today was at 5:14 and sunset will be at 7:20.  Tomorrow, looks like more of the same, maybe a degree or two hotter.

Egg Report: Sunday – 39 chicken, 2 duck.  Monday – 42 chicken, 2 duck.  Tuesday – 41 chicken, 2 duck.