dang goatOK – I don’t have any new photos for you and not much out of the ordinary is going on here, except Scooby has been regularly escaping from their dedicated space lately. Dang goat. (OK – yes the photo is a stretch, and I know that g.o.a.t. stand for “greatest of all time” but I thought it was funny to find it on a hat. If you like it, you can get it from Dang Chicks website; check ’em out – they have some really cute stuff.)

cattle panelAnyway, back to the goats. Sue decided to redo the fence where he’s been getting out. We’ve just continued to add things higher and higher to try to keep them in. Right now the front part, by their little gate, looks like a huge kluge job. All I have to say is, thank goodness for baling twine! We’ve stitched that fence up 9 ways from Sunday.  To make a better, sturdier, more long term fence for these guys, Sue ordered some cattle panels from Tractor Supply. They are so long though, she asked if our neighbor, Tom Felix, could pick them up in his truck as there wasn’t a way for them to fit in, on, around hers. He is so nice to us! If you’re not familiar with cattle panels, they look like the photo above. They are a heavy gauge welded, galvanized wire. They are somewhat flexible length-wise, but if the goats try to stand on them, they won’t be able to crunch them down. Which is exactly what’s happening with the fencing that we inherited over there. Three of these panels will replace what is there, then we’ll see if we need to run some barbed wire across the top, because they are only 4 feet high – 16 feet long though. We laid it out today so we could figure out where the posts need to go. Took everything over there and Sue will use the post pounder to get them in the ground. The panels came with clips to hold them to the posts – so we’ll see if that works. Dang goats.

summer thank youThat’s all for today. Don’t know what’s happening on Friday, but Saturday it looks like we’re going to be butchering some chickens. The male meat birds are just getting too huge. They are having trouble walking around and we don’t want to lose anymore to the heat. The females aren’t nearly as large, so we might wait a couple more weeks to do them. I may be blogging on Sunday again, it just depends on how tired we are by the end of the day. Until then, as always~
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Today’s Weather: Hot and dry. The weather app says the high was 92°, but I really think it was more around 97/99°, and it was windy (mom says that San Diego is expecting rain again, so that explains the wind). Currently, at 6:23 p.m. it is 97° on the hot side of the house, with 11% humidity, and winds ssw at 14-25 mph. Overnight low predicted to be around 55° Sunrise today was at 5:15 and sunset will be at 7:27. Tomorrow looks like a carbon copy of today.

Egg Report: Wednesday- 38 chicken, 3 duck.  Thursday- 39 chicken, 3 duck.