we-did-it-tsfinally-over-13934865That’s how I felt around 8 p.m. last night. I suppose I shouldn’t get so tired when we work on this particular aspect of the farming, but it always take a great deal out of me. I think it takes a bit out of Sue as well, but she said it is getting easier. I must confess, that it is a bit easier – I think the first time we processed, we did 7. We’ve done 15 in one day… I think that was an exceptionally long day.  Yesterday was only considerably long. 🙂

We processed a total of 13 birds yesterday. We started at 8:45 a.m., with our first rooster and were finished with that part and the cleanup of it by 1:00 p.m.  Then we took some time to eat a huge lunch. After chores, etc., we started on the final cleaning and sealing. By 7:15 we were only left with clean up. so – after we put up the live chickens for the night, watered the roses for they were sorrowfully droopy – we were absolutely done in and there was nothing for it but to go to sleep.

When all were weighed and sealed, the average weight was 6.13 lbs – which is a good sized bird! They ranged as follows: 5.09, 5.26 (x2), 5.51, 5.67, 5.9, 6.25, 6.39, 6.54, 6.84, 6.9, 6.94, and 7.15 lbs. That 7.15 guy is absolutely huge; probably feed a family of four for a week… maybe. It was a productive day and they all look quite fine in their vacuum sealed bags. We have quite a few, if you’re interested in purchasing any – just let me know. Non GMO, organic, and pasture raised. $3/lb., which is quite a steal for this type of bird. Unfortunately, we can’t ship them very economically. We have two only two more batches to do over the summer, so don’t wait too long to decide to buy.

thank-you-jingles-1280x640This is the beginning of a new week – so many opportunities await. Not sure what we’re looking at this week, but we’ll bring you along once we know. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading.

Today’s Weather – Rather beautiful, if only a bit windy. Today is was only 88° when we went out this afternoon to do the chores. Currently, at 6:41 p.m. it is still 88° with 7% humidity and winds are wsw 11mph. The sunrise, today, was 5:16 and the sunset will be at 7:27.

Egg Report: Friday – 35 chicken, 2 duck. Saturday – 33 chicken, 2 duck. Sunday 42 chicken, 4 ducks.