you-learn-something-new-every-day-quote-1as the saying goes… every day. I suppose so. Sometimes what we learn really helps us, sometimes what we learn merely makes us laugh. Sometimes we can act on it. Sometimes it keeps us from acting. Sometimes we need to learn something over and over again before it sticks with us. What did you learn today?Here’s our list… in no particular order:

  • Goats LOVE Chinese Elms Tree cuttings. I trimmed up one of the small trees while watering this morning and trundled the branches over to the Goat Boys… they were in absolute goat heaven.
  • Sometimes, the thing you lost is actually exactly where it was supposed to be.
  • Leftover communion bread loaves make excellent French Toast.FullSizeRender - 2019-06-27T185352.059
  • (That’s not sacrilegious – it has to be consumed, can’t think of a better use… well – actually last week it was turned into bread pudding and that was delicious as well!)
  • A hot chicken will sit on an ice water bottle.
  • Baby chicks waste an awful lot of food. (When we cleaned out the brooder a bit today – the chicks were sitting on a gold mine of food, if only they’d look down.)
  • When it’s hot – potted plants need to be water a great deal. Well – in reality, we knew this already – it’s just hard to believe that they dry out almost overnight.
  • Snake snares are difficult to come by and they are expensive.
  • Rattlesnakes will hang around as long as there are mice readily available. This is good and bad – good that they help fight the mice population, but bad that they hang around.
  • Cats really, really, really like processed cheese food and will remind you when it’s time to give the dog his pills… just in case you might forget that part.
  • Dried soldier fly larvae will really stink if you keep them in a container on the hot side of the house. They’re dried – who would have though it’d matter?
  • When it’s 102°, ain’t nobody happy. Ok, we knew that too.
  • Goats will chase the chickens away from their veggie-sicle so they can lick the good stuff off. Now, I don’t know if they’ll just eat their own if we give them one – of if they just wanted this particular one because it had carrots and cucumber in it. Plus, who doesn’t like a frozen treat when its 102°?

summer thank youLooks like we’ve started and ended with the goats again today. They are getting a great deal of press lately. We’ll just see how long that lasts. Not sure what the rest of the week holds, but I’ll catch you up on Saturday. So, until then – as always~
Thanks for reading!

Today’s Weather: Hottest it’s been all year. Was 102° (if you didn’t already catch that) when we came in from doing the chores. Currently, at 7:05 p.m., it is 98° with a whopping 16% humidity and winds wsw at around 13 mph. Sunrise today was at 5:17 and sunset will be at 7:28. It’s a bit cloudy on the horizon, but zero precipitation in the forecast. Pressure is at 29.84 inHg.

Egg Report: Wednesday: 38 chicken, 4 duck. Thursday: 30 chicken, 2 duck. Today’s numbers may go up slightly as sometimes they’ll lay in the cool of the evening, after we’ve done the chores.