3-is-a-magic-number… is a magic number. At least that’s what I’m hoping, hoping, hoping. They say that things come in threes and, again – I’m hoping that is true.  Can anyone guess what we might have had come again to make three? Let’s see…

IMG_4582We had to call the local boys in blue (fire men) to come to the house and ask them to remove another rattler. They are always so nice when they come out. They said, today, that they’d rather us call to have it removed, than call because someone was bit. This time it was in the Goat Boys’ enclosure, roaming around in the lean-to. Scared the bejeses out of me. Still no rattle, wasn’t really being aggressive, just wanted to get out of my way. This one was a little one, maybe two feet long. Youngster. Again, it was a mojave rattler. Maybe we had several hatch somewhere around us this year. Hard to tell. Yes, this is only our second rattler this summer, but the third snake this week. So, we’re hoping that counts as good for now. We’re kinda done with that. We thank these guys for coming out for us today, on a Saturday even, in the heat – was around 100° today – and showing up so quickly. Dispatch asked me to keep an eye on the snake, so that they didn’t have to hunt for it… so Sue kept an eye out for the truck. They brought their pail and their snake stick and it took them all of two seconds. Thanks so much!!!

Here we are, it’s late and I’m pooped from other stuff that I did today. So I’m going to sign off now and catch you up with the weekend on Tuesday. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading.

Today’s Weather: Hot, with a wind and rain finish. As mentioned, it was upwards of 100° today. Clouds came over about 3:30 and cooled things off, then it rained for about an hour – not hard, but steady. Probably got a 1/4 of an inch. Currently at 7:17 p.m., it is 77° with 39% humidity and a 55% chance of rain with thunder and lightening, pressure is 29.82 inHg. Today, sunrise was at 5:24 and sunset will be at 7:25. Overnight low is predicted at 68°.

Egg Report: Friday – 33 chicken, 1 duck.  Saturday – 28 chicken, 1 duck.