what day is itI am just so confused! I’m having a difficult time adhering to the schedule that I set up for myself. Saturdays just don’t feel like days I should be blogging. Eventually we’ll get into the new habit. This week feels weird anyway, ended up working in Bisbee four days this week and so now today feels like Wednesday – yesterday felt like Tuesday – and now I’m going to have a Groundhog day feeling all day tomorrow! Craziness!

So, I guess I’ll just talk about a few things that went on this weekend.  Saturday morning, Sue had a bunch of errands to run, so I stayed home and moved compost into the garden and then went ahead and planted the starts that we had. It was an instant garden! Now we have tomatoes and eggplants and patti-pans and zucchini. I also planted quite a few marigolds in and around the squash to, maybe, help with bug control.  I might need to get some more.  I also need to pick up a few tomato cages before they get too big.

I guess we’re really in the midst of Monsoon season, I think we’ve had rain for the last several days. It’s really nice when we don’t spend as much time watering. I think the plants really enjoy the washing off as well. So far, most of the animals have been able to remain dry through the on again/off again storms. Although, this morning Sue ended up adding flakes of straw in for the pastured meat birds; we had a great deal of rain overnight and they ended up a might soggy. The straw flakes (that’s like a thick pad of straw from a bale – I was trying to find a photo for you, but you’ll just have to use your imagination) keep the birds up off of the ground when the rain gets too heavy and begins to pool. They have been fine with the cooling summer rains.

 Sue has begun digging foundations for the gabion and bottle walls that we’ll be adding to make a semi-protected patio area. The overall goal is to incorporate an outdoor kitchen with a wood fired oven, seating area and maybe a fire pit… that sort of thing. It’s good to begin digging now, I guess, since we finally have regular rain gracing our land.

That’s really my up-day for today. I hope to have more time to share things on Thursday. We’re still soaking Leggs’ feet and giving her oral antibiotics. She is laying like crazy, so hard to simply discard those eggs – but we can’t really eat them, or feed them to the dogs. Same thing with Wheezy, who continues to get a regular dose of antibiotic ointment in her eye. We think we see improvement in both of them, not sure how that will all pan out in the long run. Something to keep you updated on. Until then, as always~
Thank you for reading!

Today’s Weather: Rainy!!! Yay! Currently, at 6:35 p.m., it is 73° with 72% humidity. 100% chance of precipitation, in other words, currently raining. Today, Sunrise was at 5:30 and sunset will be at 7:21. We have winds out of the North at 6 mph. My app says we’ve had 1.7 inches of rain, but our own rain gauge is still not registering, so I don’t know how accurate that is.

Egg Report: Monday – 34 chicken, 0 duck.   Tuesday – 30 chicken, 1 duck.