summer daysAre there halcyon days of summer? Well, technically, no. And I suppose it really applies to the weather; currently our weather days are certainly not halcyon. However, as an idiom, I’d say that it refers to days of calm. Mostly with a nostalgic bent, which we don’t really have either, if I’m referring to this past week. I don’t know… maybe this is all too full of contradictions. 

The last several days have harkened back to the first summer we were here… so I suppose that its a form of nostalgia. They have also reminded me of my time in Italy – that is definitely nostalgic. But, I think what I was first thinking, was that the time since the last post has been rather quiet… almost calm. Just the regular stuff going on. Except yesterday when Sue moved huge rocks to the fence-line to get them out of the way of the new gabion walls that she’s working on.  Today was a work day for us both… Sue spent much wanted time on the organ bench today and I was in the office… so we really didn’t do anything new that I can speak to. We’re still treating the two sickies every day… but that is only the odd bit of adventure that we currently continue to have on our plate. If things start heating up again, we’ll bring you in on it… Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading.

Today’s Weather: Rather warm. 105° when Sue went out to do the chores… 101° at 4 when I got home. Currently, at 7:57 p.m., it is 82° and dead calm, 46% humidity, 10% chance of rain, pressure at 29.88 inHg.  This morning, the sunrise was at 5:31, sunset at 7:19.

Egg Report: Wednesday – 29 chicken, 5 duck. Thursday – 42 chicken, 2 duck.