foot_careNo one will dispute that foot care is important. How far can we walk when we have a blister on our little toe? For me, not very far… well, that’s not true, I could kick off my shoes and be able to walk for a while, as long as it wasn’t rocky. My dad could tell you about the importance of foot care at the moment, since he’s been recovering from a crushed toe for over a week now. Mom cleans and bandages his foot/toe daily. We do foot care here too, and eye care, and leg care. I thought I’d just bring you all up to date on the critter care over the weekend.

Goat Boy, Scooby, has been recovering really quickly now since we’ve been giving him twice daily shots. In the beginning, he wasn’t fazed at all, but now that he’s feeling better – he’s been putting up a fight when he sees us coming for him together. Luckily, we only have a total of 3 shots remaining!

FullSizeRender - 2019-08-13T172134.561Leggs is recovering quite well from her procedure as well. This morning we changed her dressing again and I asked Sue to take a shot of her feet because Mom thought we should show it a bit better. This will give you a pretty good idea of how we use the pool noodle to give her platform shoes. If you’re just joining us, the pool noodle hole goes over the surgery site to relieve the pressure from standing and walking on it. The white gauze has a topical antibiotic on it, plus we are still giving her oral antibiotics for a while yet. We put the pool noodle on both feet so that they are the same height and she doesn’t end up walking funny and hurting herself some other way. Her infected foot is showing signs of healing, but there is still a way to go before it is back to normal size again.

The last one on our care schedule is Wheezy. She isn’t wheezing any more, but her eye is still rheumy.  We’re putting an antibiotic ointment in her eye in the hopes that we can clear things up. I honestly think she was bit or stung near her eye; she’s lost the feathers around her eye and it has a pronounce droop, or sag underneath it. We’ll see how she does after a long treatment period. We’re actually starting over because I was an idiot and lost the original tube of ointment… gone. Don’t know where it is. Could be anywhere. I’ll probably find it in some pocket after I wash something. Who knows. Bottom line, we’ll keep treating and monitor the improvement.

In other news, the monsoon rains have greened up the property really nicely. Unfortunately, that also means that the grass is coming up knee high. Sue has been catching up on the mowing. Yesterday she worked with the walk behind mower and covered over 9 miles. Next will be the tractor mower and she’ll work up hours on the tractor. If I can remember, I’ll take some before and after photos… we know how well that works out right? If I do remember, I’ll share them with you next time (or maybe the time after that).  Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!

Today’s Weather: Warm and mostly sunny today. High was 97°. Humidity was only 22%, but it felt much higher. Currently, at 7:22 p.m., it is 88° with 23% humidity, 10% chance of rain, winds are north, northwest at 5 mph. Barometer is a 29.85 inHg. Sunrise was at 5:43, sunset was at 7:03. Looks like we’re going to have a repeat of all that tomorrow.

Egg Report: Sunday –  30 chicken, 7 duck (Sue found their hiding place).  Monday – 39 chicken, 1 duck.  Tuesday – 26 chicken, 1 duck.