Odd things happen on the farm, dontcha know. You go out to feed and there’s a goat hanging upside down from the fence. You go to throw afternoon scratch out and a chicken has disappeared, only to show up a couple hours later wanting back in the pen. Sometimes – especially recently – we’ve had chickens die for no discernible reason, those are always difficult. Just odd things; some funny, some sad, all odd.

img_4679-1.jpegHere’s an odd thing for today. This is a photo of some partially cooked egg that I removed from the goat feeder today. There is one chicken that really prefers to lay her egg there, over anywhere else. But the goats like to mess around in their own feeder – moving the alfalfa around etc. They don’t mean to break the eggs that are laid up there, but that’s what happens. This egg was up there so long, in heat of the day, under the sun, that it had begun to cook! Goats don’t really like egg, raw or cooked, so I pulled the offending patch out.

AAF962E2-082C-48D6-B844-A7D333B7ED52Another oddity? Why yes, I happen to have one. We don’t know who it is, exactly that lays those weird pill shaped eggs, but it’s just not normal. You can tell by this photo that this is a jumbo sized egg. Crazy – guess that’s just what happens sometimes. There is another oddity in this photo… to the bottom right, golf ball egg… although this one is actually a bit oblong; we do get them really round sometimes – now that’s gotta hurt. Poor little chickens.  Odd.

IMG_4666 (1)Trying to think of other things to share with you that might be odd. Just us I suppose, but you know that already.  Sue spent some time Friday mowing the orchard – looks really good! I remembered to take some before photos of the grass… but I haven’t taken any afters yet. I took this one of the lower field because I thought you’d be able to see the path that Sue carved out with the push mower, but – even that’s hard to see. Pretty photo of the sky though. I’ll try to do better as we go along. Today Sue weed wacked a whole bunch – everywhere.  It’s amazing how manicured things begin to look when she spends that much time mowing and whacking.

Guess that’s it for today. Our movie is over and I’m getting ready to be finished with this. Thursday is another day and maybe I’ll have more photos for you. Until then, as always~
thanks for reading!

Today’s Weather: dang hot! It was 105° when I went out to do afternoon chores. By the time I came back in it was 101°. By the time Sue got home, it was 91°. Currently, at 8:13 p.m., it is 86°, 25% humidity with winds out of the East at 5mph. NOAA says that we have a 10% chance of rain; barometric pressure is 29.76 inHg.  Sunrise today was at 5:48, sunset at 6:56.

Egg Report: We’ve had a few good days lately – tomorrow I’ll finally be able to take 10 dozen eggs to Tom the Baker in Bisbee. Monday – 34 chicken, 2 duck.  Tuesday – 33 eggs, 3 ducks.