Untitled-Logo-Black-HiResIf you call something “untitled” isn’t that giving it a title? So, should I really just call this “titled”? These are the strange things go through my mind on occasion. Maybe it would be better if I just gave it a title… nah. Besides, I found this great logo that I’m borrowing from the “Untitled Supper Club” in Chicago. I took a gander at their website and I’m so sorry I didn’t get a chance to check it out when I was visiting last year. Looks like they have a great three course, Prix Fixe Menu and over 550 whisky choices. Anyway, someone go there and let me know what I’ve been missing. Back to today’s post. You know how I like to do an overarching theme, linking several events together under the main title? I just don’t have that today. What I do have is a couple of photos and one event to share. Let’s get to it.

Yesterday Sue mowed and mowed and mowed. She mowed both of the lower pastures. It was blazing hot yesterday! It was well into the high 80’s when I left for work. It’s just been quite hot out there for several days in a row. Of course, I have zero photos to show you of the newly mown pastures… I’ll need to catch you up on those soonish.

IMG_4692Our project for today was to fix the garage door. The garage is actually on the other side of the property by the Dinky house. It houses the tractor, alfalfa for the goats and various feeds and supplies. Some of our personal stuff is there too, but the biggest use is keeping the tractor and the feed stuffs out of the weather and dry. The previous owner built so many great outbuildings on the property, the garage being one of them. He made the garage door himself and it has served its purpose well. However, the ravages of time have taken their toll; namely, the 2×4 at the bottom has rotted away and come apart from the door. You can see what I mean IMG_4694in the photo above. (It may have had a little help from the tractor’s roll bar, but I wasn’t there so I cannot report on that.) We were just going to finish removing it from the garage door, cut a new one and replace it. Can you guess what happened? When we removed the 2×4, we found that the wooden “studs” for the door were so rotted on the bottom as well, that we weren’t going to be able to attach anything to them and have it be structurally sound. See second photo graphic proof! Ah well. It goes the way of all good projects. You never know what you’re in for until you’ve started out. Today, we had to just put some braces on in the middle to keep it from falling apart without the bottom support, and we’ll tackle it a bit more on Saturday. We may just attach the new 2×4 up higher along the sides, into good wood. We’ll see what happens when we get back over there.

IMG_4696We were hoping for some rain today, but didn’t really get much. I ended up watering the gabion garden, roses, and grape today. When I was watering, I found these welcome caterpillars. I misidentified them as Monarch Caterpillars to Sue, because I thought the Swallowtails had long “stiners” at their ends, but not the Black Swallowtails – which is what these are. Another clue for me should have been that these aren’t milkweeds… this is parsley and they were munching away on it. You can see that it’s going to see right now, so I’m thinking we’ll just let them eat it! I hope that we see black swallow tail butterflies flying around very soon!

IMG_4685My only other photo I thought to share is one I took last night.  I’m leaving it large so you can get a good look at it. I took it coming back from putting away the meat chicks, Vicente’s crew, and the RCW layers. It was about 7:15, I think. I used a fill flash so you can see the green. This is looking at our back porch with the sunset reflected in the clouds above. Summer evenings are simply delightful. Hope you stay tuned for the next segment in the adventure. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!

Today’s Weather: Hotter than blue blazes while we were out working on the garage door. Somewhere around 11:30-12:00 it started to get cloudy and the temps were in the low 90°. Got quite a stiff breeze about chore time. Rained a bit, but not enough to really help out. Currently, at 8:21 p.m., it is 74° [Nice! (I’d just like to compare that to Phoenix’s current temperature which is 103°!)] with 59% humidity and a 20% chance of rain; the barometric pressure is at 29.82 inHg; winds are out of the south at 10 mph. Sunrise today was at 5:49, sunset at 6:53.  Looks like we might have a higher chance of rain tomorrow. Let’s hope the afternoon brings the on the water.

Egg Report: Wednesday – 32 chicken, 3 duck.  Thursday – 23 chicken and 2 duck.