ReprieveWell, we had a change of plans for today that gave the meat birds a reprieve until Monday. When I put them up for the night yesterday evening, I sang to them (in my very gargly voice) “It’s the last midnight, So, goodbye all. Coming at you fast, midnight -Soon you’ll see the sky fall” from Into the Woods. They were not fans. Then today – Sue told then they could have a couple more days. They were so happy. They ran around eating everything in sight! Well – they do that on any given day anyway. I think they really have no idea.

Since Sue is still having trouble with her tennis elbow, and I have the day off on Monday, we decided to wait until then and give her arm a few more days to recover.  Not that she wasn’t using it today… kind of hard to do the stuff around here without using one of your arms, I guess. I think the worst was unloading and stacking alfalfa bales today. I hope she didn’t set herself back a whole lot, but I didn’t help out as much as I thought I would. We did get some things accomplished the last few days though. Let me briefly expound.

IMG_2198Friday we moved around a few chickens. One being Leggs. When I went to change her bandage Friday morning, I was pleasantly surprised to see her foot completely healed. I was so happy I had Sue take a photo. You can see a bit of her scar, but otherwise, it’s just a nice pink little foot with no pockets of infection nor any hard spots’ nothing hurts her when we’re manipulating her toes or foot pad, so we’ve pronounced her healed and she went back in to gen pop Friday evening.  The other move we made was to take the little rooster that’s been shepherding the meat birds and add him (Mr. P. for Pheasant, because he’s colored a bit like a pheasant, maybe, a bit) in with Renata’s girls. They aren’t too sure about him, but he’s been slowly making inroads and, we think, in a couple of days he’ll be wholly accepted.

Today, since we didn’t process, we moved the fence around the RCW again. Seems that in our excitement to give them more grass, we took away their afternoon shade. So we re-gerrymandered the fence and gave them more afternoon shade areas. They were happy. We also cleaned the hospital crates off of the porch along with the ubiquitous straw that we couldn’t seem to keep confined to the crates. It looks neater now, but rather odd not to have chickens out the back door, looking in the windows at us.

IMG_4720We also messed around a bit outside. Mowed a very little. Pulled grass from the garden for the geese – they love the oat grass that comes up whenever we spread straw places. Also found a zucchini that had been hiding from us for a few days. It’s gargantuan. A little too big to be eating, but the birds will like it in their greens and oats tomorrow morning. 16 oz coffee mug in the background for reference. Tomorrow is our sabbath, although Sue is playing the organ/piano/keyboard for three services and directing the chancel choir for one, so it’s still a working day for her. I’m hoping all that playing doesn’t set her back again. We’ll see how it goes. So, Tuesday I’ll be able to fill you in on Monday’s processing adventure. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!

Today’s Weather: Let me start off by saying that last night and into this morning, we enjoy a rainstorm that gave us about 2 inches of rain. That’s the most we’ve had all year. This morning was nice and cool 62°, but it warmed up quickly. It didn’t get too terribly hot, way cooler than what my folks are experiencing in Ramona right now. Our high today was 93°. Currently, at 6:24 p.m., it is 89° with 31% humidity and a 10% chance of rain. Winds are out of the SE at 3 mph, or less; barometric pressure is at 29.81 inHg.

Egg Report: Friday –  29 chicken, 1 duck. Saturday – 29 chicken, 2 duck.

Fun Photo: Here is your fun photo for today. That’s a squirrel in the bird feeder.
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