Happy-Thursday-quotesYes, it is almost Friday – just a few short hours and we’re into the weekend. What’s your weekend hold? Ours has officially become a processing weekend. But before we get there, let’s talk a bit about yesterday and today. They’ve not been that exciting, but every day is an adventure, right?

IMG_4718Yesterday was Wednesday, that means – for me – it’s a work in Bisbee day. So, I didn’t do much around the farm. Sue, however, continued working on the dual chicken tractor and got the roof covered in chicken wire, then over that will go the corrugated tin. She did a ton of squeezing, so today her tennis elbow is giving her a really hard time. Last night we had a wonderfully hard rain for about an hour. It was wonderful, except the dogs were so upset with all the thunder and lightning – it was right over head and was rather explosive. So, at least I was able to be home with them while Sue was at choir rehearsal. We weren’t really expecting the rain, but maybe the purple and pink skies should have been a warning… we didn’t have any red skies in the morning. Just saying. Sue caught this beautiful photo of the sunrise over the mule mountains.

IMG_4717Today we moved the fence around the RCW chickens. We gave them a new green area to to roam around in. You can see from this photo that they did not waste any time at all running around after the grasshoppers and nibbling on the sweet green grass. Also, it was quite a bit cooler today, so they just enjoyed some comfortable time without worry about the hot sun. We got a few more eggs from them, maybe they were showing their thanks. After we finished the move, Sue’s arm was just throbbing… so, we called it a day. I went into Sierra Vista to work, and – I’m hoping – Sue rested her arm. She says she did, so hopefully it’ll start feeling better.

FullSizeRender - 2019-08-29T181626.176Tomorrow is Friday. It’s another Bisbee day for me. I’m hoping Sue will rest some more – especially if we’re going to be butchering on Saturday. You know it’s time to process when they start getting stuck in the feeder for different reasons than when they were little. (Sue took this photo earlier this week – I can’t help but wonder if this is the same chicken that was stuck in the feeder as a little chick.) We have 16 birds to process, even after losing one today.  He hasn’t been doing well since we had a couple of hot days, Sue brought him up, I believe I talked about this; he didn’t make it through the day today. We still don’t have enough room in the freezer for the 16 remainders… we did secure a deal to store some in our friend Nicole’s fridge, for payment of a chicken. Not bad! We may be able to store some in the freezer in the Dinky House, but at least we have a back up. Still willing to sell to whoever is buying. $3/lb for organically fed, pasture raised 7 week broilers. Let me know!

Since we’re processing Saturday, I can almost guarantee that I will not be blogging that evening. So, perhaps Sunday? Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!

Today’s Weather: Phone says that the high today was 86°, but I’m pretty sure that the thermometer in my car read 94° when I got home today around 5pm. It started cooling down quite nicely around 6, and now – at 7:00 p.m. – it is 75° with 62% humidity, 20% chance of rain. Winds are south southwest at 7mph. Barometric pressure reads 29.91 inHg. Sunrise today was at 5:54, sunset at 6:45.

Egg Report: Wednesday – 37 chicken, 2 duck.  Thursday – 30 chicken, 1 duck.