new-flashHere we are, just having processed a batch of chickens and now getting a new little batch again. This time not to eat, though. Well, let me think about that statement. There may be a bit of non-truth to that. What do I mean?

See, this batch of new Littles are all Banty chicks, except for the freebie. Banty chicks are only available in “straight runs”. That means they are not sexed and we cannot specify hens or roosters. We get luck of the draw. Sometimes we end up with over half of the batch as roosters. If that’s the case, then we end up butchering the roosters for small roasters.

Right now, they are all just too cute to worry about that. Look at all that fuzzy cuteness. Sue got the call right after breakfast this morning, hopped in the truck and returned a short while later with a box full of happiness. You can’t help but smile when you see all of those babies and hear them cheep-cheeping away. They all made it through the days of US Postal delivery, so now we hope to get them through the first week without pasty butt. One of the things that gives them pasty butt is being too cold. Luckily, in the summer this isn’t a huge problem in transit. Spring is a bit iffy. We try to keep them quite warm the first few days – give them options of different temperature zones – so they can decide what they need.

IMG_4731We think we’ve spotted the “surprise” chick. It’s this little all white one standing at the waterer to the forefront. It’s a bit bigger than the others and is the only white, white one  in the bunch. The others all have some black or brown in them. We’ll give you photo updates periodically as they grow. Sue decided to get these because we lost quite a few of our older Banties in the heat this year. This was the last opportunity to order and receive Banties for 2019, so she jumped on it. They are so sweet. Don’t you just want to cuddle them?  Awwww.

Not much to report really. I’ll have some more info in the Fun Photo area for you, after the egg report. So, this Saturday I’m traveling to California to help my mom who had surgery yesterday – I probably won’t post on Saturday, but I will post a few times during the week. They might be random days, so just keep an eye on your e-mail or our Face Book page. Until then, as always~
Thanks for reading!

Today’s Weather: Quite warm. The predicted high was 94°, but I think it might have been a bit higher. Currently, at 8:10 p.m., it is 81° with 37% humidity, zero chance of rain. Winds are out of the south at 5 mph. Barometric pressure is 29.95 inHg. Today’s sunrise was at 5:58 and sunset was 6:36. Overnight low is expected to be 66°. Looks like we’re going to have an exact repeat for Friday.

Egg Report: Wednesday – 36 chicken, 2 duck.  Thursday – 27 chicken, 2 duck.

img_4727.jpegFun Photo: Today’s fun photo – Capt. Jack Sparrow is helping us with yard work! Not everyone can boast that! Actually, this is Dustin. Sue hired him to do a bit of yard work while she is trying to rest her arm. She told me this morning that she really misses mowing. I hope that she’s able to get back to her normal “fun” soon – for her sake. Until then, at least we have the Captain!