IMG_2205Yep, used that as a title. I’m in California this week. Mom’s doing well, thanks for all the kind thoughts and love. Sue is taking care of things on the farm… I’m hoping that Dustin is helping where he can.  Sue’s been a bit quiet about how things are going, but she did say that she cleaned 8 pasty butts on Sunday afternoon. Those butts belonged to the banty chicks. So, they are really small butts. This happens on occasion. Mostly if we get them over the initial issue they do fine after a week or so. Pasty butt can be brought on by the stress of the shipping, or because they got too cold. She also sent along this photo of the sunrise from the other day. It’s always gorgeous at the very beginning and very ending of the day.

Tomorrow I hope to be able to write a bit about the tour of the aquaponics farm that Ray, Tony, and I took on Saturday and talk about how that’s going for the owners.

I just wanted to write quickly right now so you didn’t think I was ignoring you all! Stay tuned for the random postings!