It’s a video day today because my mind seems to be mush. This is a total cop-out, but at least it’ll be a bit entertaining.

First video: I took this because it’s so funny to watch Vicente, the Bantum rooster from the goat enclosure, run down to greet us when we bring the afternoon scratch treats. This is not a good video, but it did make me laugh when I replayed it, so I’m sharing it with you all.


Second Video: This is a quickie I took just because I thought it might be cute. It is Vicente, again, with one of his hens – a sexlink that we were gifted from our friend Mike when his family moved to Georgia. After this one, I decided to take one in slow motion – which I’ll also share here. I wanted to add this one in so you can see how fast they actually gobble as compared to the slow motion one.


Final Video: Here is the slow motion action.

Today’s Weather: We’re enjoing really nice weather lately. It does get rather warm… today it was 88° at its height.  Currently at 5:13 p.m. it is 87° on the hot side of the house, 81° on the shady side. Humidity keeps dropping, we’re at 23% today and we’ve been have a steady breeze out of the wsw all day, gusting up to 18 mph this afternoon. Barometric pressure is 29.74 inHg. Sunrise was at 6:18 and sunset will be at 5:55.

Egg Report: Sunday – 24 chicken, 2 duck.  Monday – 23 chicken, 2 duck.  Tuesday – 19 chicken, 1 duck.  Sue thinks that the downturn in today’s numbers was due to the fact that she was messing around in the coop much of the morning, cleaning things out and getting ready for the new chicks that will be arriving soon.